Frequently Asked Questions

Bluetooth pairing with the second headset

1. Turn on the second Bluetooth headset. (Refer to the headset user guide).

2. Place the second Bluetooth headset in pairing mode (Refer to the headset user guide).

3. Press the Pairing Button for 9 seconds until the Red LED is rapidly flashing.

4. The SM10 will detect the Bluetooth headset nearby and connection will be made accordingly.

5. If the second headset is connected, the Red LED will slowly flash.

Reset to Factory Default Settings

1. Power on the SM10, press the Pairing Button on the SM10 for 14 seconds until the Blue and Red LED is rapidly flashing.

2. Within 10 seconds, press Pairing Button to confirm reset. The SM10 will be restored to factory settings and returns to standby mode.

3. If you don’t press the Pairing Button within 10 seconds, the reset attempt is canceled and the SM10 returns to standby mode