Extreme protection meets top of the line technology

Elevate your ride with an unrivaled feature set

The R1 Bluetooth integrated Road Cycling Helmet

A multitasking smart helmet to take your ride to the next level

We brought you the first ever Bluetooth integrated cycling helmet with the X1, and now taking our proven technology to the road with the innovative R1, designed specifically for road cycling. Train like a champion using the seamlessly integrated Bluetooth 4.1 technology to pair your smartphone and hear GPS directions, listen to music, take phone calls, and even hear instant feedback and cues from fitness apps to monitor stats such as speed, cadence, and heart rate without distraction. The cutting-edge R1 is equipped with MIPS safety technology, along with  a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system, allowing intercom with up to three other riders over a half mile distance, along with built-in FM radio to pass the time while preparing for your next race. Using Sena’s patented Advanced Noise Control™ microphone technology, we filter out the wind and white noise so that your riding partners only hear your voice in crystal clear HD quality.

Capture and relive any ride

The R1 Pro Bluetooth and QHD video integrated road cycling helmet

Cyclists searching for the all-in-one package, look no further than the R1 Pro, which includes a QHD helmet camera in addition to the many features already packed into the R1. Using the applied science of Sena’s Bluetooth integrated Prism Action Camera, the R1 Pro features a camera built directly into the center of the helmet allowing riders to capture and relive any ride or race. The helmet’s built in wifi capability allows riders to preview and download photos and video straight to their smartphone and instantly share their experiences with friends, even on the go. Along with Sena’s patented action camera technology, the R1 records with Smart Audio Mix, which combines the music from your smartphone with your own voice from the microphone or record the audio from the intercom onto the video. Record up to 2 hours of QHD quality (1440p) video or FHD (1080p) video.


So you can focus on the journey

With the open-ear audio functionality allowed through the built-in HD speakers, riding in a metropolitan area just got safer. When riding roadside, especially while commuting, riders shouldn’t have their hearing impaired by ear buds since the ability to hear vital traffic cues is imperative to cyclists safety. The R1 allows riders to be fully aware of their surroundings and pick up on ambient noises without any interference. Got a flat? Need to make a quick stop? Quickly relay the message to your riding partners through the integrated intercom. The R1 is also compatible with Sena’s range of Bluetooth remote controls, which allow riders full functionality of their helmet at their fingertips, eliminating the risk of taking their hands off of the handlebars.  

Boost your performance with the aerodynamic design of the R1

High vis color options so you’re sure to be seen on the road

Designed with an in mold polycarbonate shell, the R1 is durable enough to withstand extreme impact and protect you and the technology inside the helmet. The R1 is equipped with MIPS, multi-directional Impact Protection, technology for superior protection in the event of an impact. The R1 road cycling helmet is also lined with removable and washable inner padding to provide further protection as well as a smoother fit. The innovative helmet design features a smooth eco-leather chin strap, with a perfectly placed chin pad for ultimate comfort and security throughout the ride, as well as our Sena spin lock to secure the perfect fit for every rider. The R1 was engineered with a number of aerodynamic vents for an additional level of luxury while riding, it also allows riders to keep cool no matter where the road might lead you.


Sena’s got your back

Impressive 2-year warranty and firmware upgrades

The R1 is safety certified for your peace of mind and was built to withstand just about anything to protect you as you ride. In the event of anything going awry with your R1 Bluetooth integrated road cycling helmet, Sena’s 2-year warranty has you covered. In addition to the lengthy warranty, Sena regularly releases firmware upgrades through our device manager that will keep your tech up to date. Rather than becoming obsolete as so many technologies do, the R1 and all Sena products will always remain top of the line. From helpful videos regarding your Sena product to installation tips and tricks, check out our Youtube for instant customer support.

rideconnected screens

The possibilities are limitless

Apps to take your ride to the next level

Looking to connect to even more cyclists? Simply download the Sena RideConnected App to connect to a virtually limitless number of cyclists across any distance through your cellular network. The RideConnected App is free in both the iTunes and Google Play stores, allowing you to go beyond Bluetooth limitations. In addition to the RideConnected App, the Sena Smartphone App makes custom configuration of your R1 Road Cycling Helmet a breeze. Change feature settings, set groups of intercom friends, preset your favorite FM stations, access the product Quick Guide and more. For the R1 Pro, the Sena Camera App also offers the ability to preview video recordings and playback the videos you have previously recorded via WiFi.

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