Milan Nov. 8 – 13, 2022 – Sena Technologies Inc. is announcing its participation in the 2022 edition of EICMA – International Cycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition – the most important trade show in the industry worldwide. Already in the 2021 edition, after a one-year stop, Eicma has reaffirmed its pre-pandemic numbers with more than 342.000 visitors and 28.000 exhibitors. The event has been held regularly in Milan since 1914 and, with its more than 100 years of history, is now a source of inspiration for passions and trends.

Sena is a brand built of motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1998, Sena started as an industrial technology company, providing enterprise-level Bluetooth® networking products to customers across the globe. After long-standing success in developing these products, the Sena team started to think about other ways that their advanced technology could be utilized.

Sena’s founder and CEO, an avid motorcyclist, realised that his technology could bridge the gap for wireless rider-to-rider motorcycle communication. Sena set out on a new mission to provide a solution for motorcyclists to communicate with one another safely and efficiently.

As innovation expanded, Sena’s product offerings began to cater to the cycling, outdoor, and industrial markets. Sena has expanded upon its original Bluetooth communication platform with a proprietary Mesh Intercom™ platform that allows even more riders to connect with the single touch of a button.

Tae Kim CEO of Sena Technologie Inc. on Eicma: “Eicma is a fixed appointment for us, we are happy to confirm our presence at this edition as well. We are looking forward to meeting the other operators and the public that always participates in large numbers and with great curiosity.”

You will find Sena with its staff and the range of motorcycle and outdoor products in Hall 13 Booth I61.


At the Sena booth you can explore the wide range of devices suited to every rider’s needs. From essential products to those for the most demanding riders, the Sena team will be there to answer any curiosity and help the public find the right device for their needs.

In the booth you will also find the 5R and the 5R Lite, the newest helmet-to-helmet communication systems with a compact design and excellent price-value or the SPIDER line: the first devices to exclusively adopt Mesh Intercom technology to communicate between riders.


Previewed at the last edition of Eicma, in 2021, Sena has released the devices of the Quantum line, created in collaboration with the audio experts from Harman Kardon.

The Quantum series consists of two smart helmets, the full-face Stryker and the modular Impulse, and  three universal communication systems, the 50S, 50R and the one-of-a-kind 50C with its integrated 4K camera.

Designed for users who seek the best Sena communication technology and are unwilling to compromise on sound quality, the Quantum products feature both Mesh and Bluetooth Intercom and a sound system designed to ensure an unprecedented audio experience. The Quantum line is now enriched with two new devices exclusively crafted  for Shoei helmets: SRL-MESH and SRL-EXT.


Sena’s commitment to products dedicated to cycling and outdoor sports has grown significantly in recent years. In the Sena Outdoor line you will find all the experience gained in years of development of communication technologies for motorcyclists adapted to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

All Sena cycling helmets have a fully integrated communication system so you can easily talk via intercom, listen to your music, follow the GPS tracking or receive calls. The speakers are always placed so that they do not cover your ears and you can be fully aware of your surroundings at all times. The ability to talk to each other via Intercom has a significant impact on cyclist safety, no need to shout to communicate or occupy the road by riding alongside each other. Additionally, there are models with an integrated taillight for maximum visibility .

Learn more about Sena’s smart helmets such as M1 designed for those who love mountain biking or R2 EVO for riders who prefer to sprint on the roads. There are communication solutions available to suit many needs. For small groups of up to 4 people, helmets with Bluetooth Intercom technology such as the new C1 are perfect, and for potentially unlimited connections check out EVO helmets equipped with Mesh Intercom technology, like the Red Dot Award-winning M1 EVO.

Not only cycling, the outdoor product range will also please snow lovers with the Latitude S1 smart helmet for winter sports and the Snowtalk 2. Versatile options such as the Bluetooth Rumba helmet and the Expand Mesh headset with Mesh Intercom technology adapt to every adventure from skateboarding,climbing, horseback riding, hiking, paragliding and more.


With experience in producing advanced technological devices for enthusiasts, Sena has become the communications provider of choice for the industry’s leading motorcycle and helmet OEM brands.

Capitalising on its established design and development expertise, Sena collaborates with other premium brands to offer Mesh and Bluetooth communication to their customers and dealers. Collaboration with prestigious partners is of great value to Sena because it allows it to constantly research and develop new solutions and to raise quality standards.

Products made for OEM partners are all compatible with each other as well as with Sena branded devices, each operating within Sena’s robust Bluetooth and/or Mesh Intercom communication platforms. With the goal of uniting users by providing the widest possibility of connections, Sena remains committed to supporting the global riding community.