Communication on Bike revolutionized: Sena’s Mesh Intercom Solution for Seamless Team dsm-firmenich Collaboration


SENA Technologies Inc, the global leader in integrated communications systems and Team dsm-firmenich, UCI (Union Cycling International) World Tour team and 2017 Giro d’Italia winner have renewed their partnership for the 2023 UCI race year. Giro de Italia was the first monument Grand Tour race with Tour de France and la Vuelta de España.

A Grand Tour race is a multi-stage event. It takes place over three weeks. The routes vary, with some stages featuring challenging terrain and mountain climbs, while others are designed on flat roads ideal for sprint finishes. In addition, there is an individual time trial, where the ability of the technical team to support the rider relies heavily on clear and seamless communication between the two units. This is the case on every stage. The riders and the sports director’s vehicle are in radio contact, allowing them to communicate their race strategy in real time and address any challenges that may arise.

Revolutionizing communication on bike: SENA’s Mesh Intercom solution for seamless team dsm-firmenich collaboration

Through collaboration with Team dsm-firmenich’s professional cycling riders and directors, SENA gained valuable insights into their needs. This led to the development of a cutting-edge communication solution for both riders and sports directors, built on SENA’s advanced communication protocol, Mesh™ intercom. This innovative system enables an unlimited number of athletes to communicate seamlessly with their team director and fellow teammates during races, offering unrivaled sound quality and an enhanced focus on the competition.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Team dsm-firmenich, as it represents an important step in enhancing in-race communication at the highest level of cycling.  We are proud that SENA’s technology can not only bridge the gap left by traditional race radio, but also elevate the overall rider and team experience with the state-of-the-art communication equipment. Team dsm-firmenichs quest for innovation and drive to improve performance align perfectly with SENA’s focus on technology.” Tae Kim, CEO of SENA Technologies Inc.

SENA communication system: Weight reduction for riders and optimized performance

SENA technology offers riders a significant weight-saving advantage. In fact, the SENA communication system is 100 grams lighter than previously used systems. In an uphill time trial like the Giro d’Italia, where top performances are often determined by small details, this weight difference is crucial.

The communication system is integrated directly into the helmet. This eliminates the need for a bulky box on the rider’s back. The mesh intercom connection is via Bluetooth technology between the rider and the dsm-firmenich director’s car, simply by pressing the connect button. Communication can be kept open throughout the race or limited to times when communication is needed.

Thanks to SENA’s technology, riders benefit from a lightweight, practical and high-quality communication solution. This enhances their performance and comfort during cycling competitions.

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with SENA and use their innovative communication system. We’re looking forward to combining our experience with their years of knowledge and expertise to improve communication between riders and coaches during training and races.” – Piet Rooijakkers, R&D expert of Team dsm-firmenich.

Breaking away into the future of cycling competition with SENA’s race communication system and partnership with Team dsm-firmenich

With one of the most significant race radio innovations in decades and a partnership with Team dsm-firmenich, a top cycling team in UCI World Tour, SENA breaks away from the pack into the future of competitive cycling. SENA’s Mesh™ technology is available for pro-cyclists in their professional race communication system, and for all cyclists in their full line of smart cycling helmets and headsets.

Smart Mountain Bike Helmet M1 EVO

The M1 EVO Mountain Bike Helmet provide a Mesh Intercom™ connection and allows communication with multiple riders within a half-mile (900 meters) range and up to 2.0 miles (3,6 km) when 6 riders are connected.

Multisport Bluetooth Helmet RUMBA

The SENA Rumba multi-sport Bluetooth® helmet is equipped with a 2-Way HD Intercom allowing communication with a friend within a 0,25 miles (400 m) range.