Rally for Rangers is a not for profit organization that supports park rangers around the world who protect some of Earth's most important natural and cultural resources


Worldwide, park rangers are protecting some of the most important natural and cultural resources on the planet, but are under equipped. More than 150 park rangers are killed annually in the line of duty while combating poaching, wildfires, and other risks. In 2013, retired U.S. National Park Park Ranger Bob “Mac” McIntosh was working with nonprofit Mongol Ecology Center founder, Ono Batkhu and her husband, Wesley Thornberry on management plans for Lake Hovsgol National Park in northern Mongolia. While meeting with the local chief ranger to discuss park management, the ranger had to quickly depart on his motorcycle to deal with someone breaking park rules. His motorcycle was in such poor condition that when it hit the road berm it fell apart right in front Mac, Ono, and Wesley. Mac was incensed at the condition of the ranger's equipment and committed, in that moment to come back the following year with a new motorcycle. One year later he made good on that promise as Mac, Wesley and 13 others personally delivered 15 new bikes to the rangers of Lake Hovsgol. A movement was born

Rally for Rangers volunteers have used a variety of Sena products for communications and video capture on international rallies. Several riders used the 20S EVO on a recent rally in Namibia to point out nearby giraffes and wildebeest to their fellow riders, along with heads up notifications on trail hazards and conditions while navigating the challenging terrain. Sena's bluetooth camera units like the 10C pro have also come in handy and footage from a Sena helmet unit actually is featured in the new award-winning documentary film A Rally for Rangers.  Recently Rally For Rangers riders began using product from Sena's Quantum Series line: 50S, 50R and 50C, with Mesh intercom network and SOUND BY Harman Kardon

"Rally for Ranger's Preferred Product/ Equipment of choice"  (Sena device icon)
Sena 50C and Sena 50S

"Rally for Ranger's Equipment of choice" (moto icon)
Yamaha AG200

"Protecting the worlds special places, one motorcycle at a time."

Home Base:
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Tucson, AZ.


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