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Honda Fireblade



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Back in 2006, Meddes started riding a Kawasaki KX250 and spent a lot of time on the cross-country course. He now loves his Fireblade and prefers to be on the racetrack, where it's a bit faster. He likes to try new things, as even riding a pit bike helps him discover a new passion.

Meddes has been one of Germany's YouTubers from the very beginning and has been delighting his fans with regular videos since 2011. Initially with the ulterior motive of producing videos for friends and family, his videos became more and more valuable over time and are now reaching fans worldwide! Today, he describes himself as a YouTuber and camera enthusiast with his own brand, which he successfully sells.

With a lot of creativity and exactly the right idea to inspire his followers on YouTube, he already has 177,000 subscribers and continues to do everything possible to stand out from the crowd and always bring something new.

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