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agosto 1, 2017

We have the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Sena 20S motorcycle Bluetooth communication system.


Why is my intercom distance shorter in the real-world riding?

For all Sena products, the intercom distance noted is the maximum possible distance of 2-way intercom in the open space. For more than 2-way intercom pairings, it’s important to stay in the order of the pairing in order to achieve the maximum distance. However, a limitation with all Bluetooth technology is its sensitivity to external obstacles such as cars, trees, hills, buildings etc. Aside from the environment, the default intercom setting for the 20S is on HD intercom mode, and for this higher quality audio the trade-off is a shorter intercom distance as well. Depending on the situation, simply switching from HD to normal mode (which happens automatically with more than 2 connections) will help extend the intercom distance. For the best possible intercom performance, depending on the number of riders in your group the Eight-way intercom setting can also be adjusted. Disabling the Eight-way Intercom optimizes the intercom performance for a small group of up to four participants (the default setting). Enabling the Eight-way intercom optimizes the intercom performance for a larger group up to eight participants.

Why won’t my Group Intercom stay connected?

The group intercom feature initially released with the 20S was meant to serve as a quicker and more convenient pairing alternative than the manual daisy-chain pairing needed for the original SMH series. However, as noted above, the pairing order of the group must be maintained in order to retain connection, otherwise the chain is easily broken as each connection must stay within range. Sena recognizes not stressing the importance of this factor enough, and are diligently working on enhancing the group intercom function in the next software update. For more information of how to pair via Group Intercom with mind to the order, it’s recommended to do so through our headset app, otherwise the manual daisy-chain setup with regard to the order is another option. Check out our Youtube which explains how to set up a group intercom in your headset app as well as how to connect once you have set up the group. 

Why do I hear crackling over my 20S intercom?

The crackling noise heard during intercom mode is an indicator of strain being placed on the Bluetooth connection, lessening the strength and integrity of the pairing. If the strain grows, it will soon disconnect. This is related to the distance being too great, environmental obstacles (hills, buildings, cars, etc) or a combination of both. In order to avoid crackling, it’s recommended to be mindful of the type of connection (HD vs Normal mode - as noted HD has a lesser intercom distance), enable the “Eight-way Intercom mode” when applicable for groups of over 4, and note the pairing order for groups of 3 or more to ensure that you are staying in the intended order and within the allowed range as well as environmental obstacles that interfere with Bluetooth technology.

Why isn’t my volume loud enough?

Volume is dependent on many factors such as helmet type, speaker placement, speed, type of motorcycle, whether or not earplugs are being used and many more. It’s recommended to have the speakers centered to your ear inside of your helmet for the best audio quality. If you need the speakers to be louder, then you can use the foam pads spacers along with the speaker covers to move the speakers closer to your ears. In addition, you can enable the Audio Boost setting on the headset to increase the overall maximum volume level. Check out our Tips and Tricks video on Youtube for useful ways to enhance your Sena experience!


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