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  • Firmware History

    The supported firmware version of each product differs by manufactured date.
    Check if your device has the latest version with Sena Device Manager or Sena Apps.

    v 1.2.2
    March 6, 2024

    • Added a battery indicator when powering on and off the device
    • Improved charging stability
    • Minor bug fix for lowering the volume of the voice prompt “Press any button to cancel”
    • Minor bug fix for synchronizing the volume to the headset when making a phone call on an iPhone
    • Minor bug fix for VOX Intercom being enabled even though it is disabled on the Sena Motorcycles App
    • Minor bug fix with playing previous songs when using the voice command “Hey Sena, Previous”


    v 1.2.1
    August 28, 2023

    • Users can now only hear the maximum and minimum beeps for the volume when the buttons are pressed continuously
    • Users can now cancel when the helmet automatically enters “Phone Pairing” by tapping any button
    • Minor bug fix with changing the equalizer presets through the Sena Motorcycles App
    • Minor bug fix with preventing the “cancel” prompt after 15 seconds when entering Intercom Pairing or Phone Pairing while in Speed Dial mode
    • Minor bug fix when enabling audio overlay volume management. When listening to intercom and music at the same time, adjusting the music volume on the phone or the Sena Motorcycles App now synchronizes the volume on the phone and app
    • Minor bug fix where the volume control would malfunction when the intercom and the FM radio were mixed when the Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking setting was enabled
    • Minor bug fix with not allowing to reject an incoming phone call while on “call waiting”


    v 1.2
    June 20, 2023

    • Added “Mesh Reach Out” feature
    • Minor bug fix with some BMW TFT displays that do not produce a sound when reconnecting to the headset
    • Minor bug fix with GPS directions not being heard while sharing music
    • Minor bug fix with when setting the Audio Overlay Volume Management setting to “enabled” and listening to music while using Mesh Intercom
    • Minor bug fix with Sidetone after restarting the headset when Sidetone has been enabled and Mesh Intercom is activated
    • Minor bug fix with Siri shutting down when the command “Hey Siri” is used
    • Minor bug fix with the battery indicator appearing more quickly when connected to an iPhone
    • Minor bug fix where the maximum volume beep can be heard with typing text on an iPhone
    • Minor bug fix with changing the volume while standby mode to only change the “phone” volume
    • Minor bug fix where music can be heard in mono after setting the Bluetooth Intercom Audio Multitasking setting to “enabled” and setting the Audio Multitasking Volume Management setting to “enabled” when listening to music while communicating through Bluetooth Intercom

  • Sena Motorcycles App

    Customize a variety of settings on your Sena device with the Sena Motorcycles App. Configure channel settings for Open Mesh or set a private group for Group Mesh. Explore all-new soundscapes with the EQ presets and give the audio a boost. Connect your Sena headset to your phone in the Bluetooth settings menu and get the most out of your adventures.