Tanja & Denis Katzer

Cycling 12-28-2023

  • Home Base

    Behringsdorf, Germany

  • Equipment of Choice

    Riese & Müller Superdelite E‑Bike

  • Motto

    "Mother Earth is alive! Keep the treasure and our children will still hear birds chirping tomorrow and see trees!"

“Our goal as adventurers, filmmakers, photographers, and authors is to travel around our Mother Earth by land and sea for 40 years, using local ways of transport. A life of travel that has not existed since Marco Polo. So far, our journey has been reported in over 1,210 media appearances and 12 books. In the past 29 years, we have traveled approximately 432,000 km on the backs of camels, horses, elephants, on foot, motorbikes, bicycles, e-bikes, or utilizing national transport without flights.”

“We’ve been to 91 countries and journeyed a similar length as circling 10 times around the Earth or traveling once to the Moon. Some of our expeditions include the following:

  • We’ve traveled 7,000 km on foot and on camels through the Australian continent.
  • We’ve done a 1,000 km long walk through the desert of death known as the Taklamakan in western China.
  • We were the first Europeans to travel on camels through 1,500 km of the Pakistani wilderness.
  • A 15,000 km bike ride from Germany to Mongolia, where we spent winter with the last reindeer nomads in northern Mongolia to in tipis and with lows at -50 °C.
  • A 17,000 km e-bike trip starting from Siberia and traveling through Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

With our life project ‘The Great Journey,’ we want to create a document of the times of our planet as Mother Earth’s ambassador. We want to form a counterpoint to a world that is overtaking itself a little faster every day. As ambassadors for Mother Earth, we build bridges of understanding between cultures, religions, and different viewpoints. We are the eyes and ears for people who, for whatever reason, have no chance to visit other countries and their inhabitants. We draw attention to the fact that our planet is alive and not dead matter. That our Earth is worth protecting, so that life remains worth living for future generations and that our children will still see trees and hear birds chirping tomorrow.”