FRANKFURT (July 13-17, 2022) – Sena Technologies Inc., leading company in two-wheel communication innovation will be present at the 2022 edition of Eurobike, which will be held, for the first time at the Frankfurt exhibition center. 

EUROBIKE is the central platform for the bike and future mobility world. It plays an important role in transforming the energy and transport sector, driving social change and setting new standards in the areas Sport, Leisure, Health and Mobility.

After 3 days dedicated to industry professionals and press, the event will open its doors to the public, which is expected in large numbers, on the weekend of July 16-17.

Among events, workshops and test areas you will Sena at stand A11, Hall 9.


After years of gaining technical experience and advancement in the communications systems and smart helmet industry for motorcyclists, Sena has put its know-how and technological expertise at the service of cycling enthusiasts. The idea is to combine security and technology by offering a product line that best meets the public’s need for smart mobility and connectivity.

All the Sena’s products offer direct helmet-to-helmet communication via Intercom Technology and connectivity with the smartphone to listen to your music, be able to follow GPS directions, receive feedback from fitness Apps or take phone calls. Sena has also developed its own App to conveniently control the features of your device from your phone screen.

In the Smart Helmets, the microphone is built into the front rhyme of the shell and transmits clear audio thanks to the Sena Advanced Noise Control technology that filters out interferences given by wind and background noises. The speakers are placed so that they do not cover the ears to keep you aware of the noises of the road and of the surrounding environment.

For the best safety and visibility, check out the models with integrated tail light.

Mesh & Bluetooth Intercom: How does it work?

You can connect helmets directly together to talk in groups via Bluetooth Intercom or via Mesh Intercom depending on the smart helmet model you choose. No smartphone connection or data traffic use is necessary.

Bluetooth Intercom can connect up to 4 users with each other in HD audio quality.

Mesh Intercom automatically connects all the compatible devices in the range without limitation of number of connection or pairing procedures and is therefore perfect for group rides. Mesh Intercom users can also create subgroups thanks to the 9 channels of the Mesh platform; an industry first.*

*Note: Bluetooth Intercom and Mesh Intercom models are not compatible with each other.

What you will find at the Sena booth:


M1/M1EVO: Designed for mountain biking and those who like to explore trails, forests and dirt roads
R1/R1 EVO: Perfect for city and gravel riding
R2/R2 EVO: Road cycling helmet with a sporty and aerodynamic design

The models listed above are available in Bluetooth Intercom version that connects up to 4 people within a 900-meter radius, and EVO version with Mesh Intercom for virtually unlimited connections within a 900-meter radius -extendable to 3.6 km with a minimum of 6 cyclists – and featuring Multi Channel Open Mesh technology with 9 channels. 

Rumba: Smart Helmet with an urban look suitable for cycling but also for use on a scooter, skateboard or roller thanks to the double certification. The Bluetooth intercom connects two users with each other at a distance of 200 meters.

Pi: Pi turns your favourite cycling helmet into a Smart Helmet. The two units fit on the side straps and incorporate speaker, microphone and a two-button control. Pi can connect two cyclists with each other with a range of up to 400 meters in open field via Bluetooth Intercom

2022/23 NEWS

SENA C1: World Premiere

With only 390 g in size M, C1 is the lightest Sena Smart Helmet ever!

The microphone is integrated in the front of the shell, and the speakers are located in the two units attached to the Nylon straps. The position of the speakers is designed so that you can listen to your music or talk to your friends, without it interfering with your perception of your surroundings.

In the back of the helmet there is a position light that can be set to three modes – steady, flashing night, and flashing day – to ensure maximum visibility on the road; and the three buttons control to manually manage all of C1’s functions.

C1 has a two-way Bluetooth intercom to allow two cyclists to connect with each other within a 300-meter radius and communicate easily and intuitively. You no longer need to stand side by side along the roadway to talk, and this ensures safer riding.

Bluetooth 5.1 technology enables a stable and effective connection with your smartphone to listen to your music, follow GPS directions and answer calls without ever stopping pedalling.

Sena C1 will be available in Europe in the last quarter of 2022 In two different variants: Matte White and Matte Gray.


Sena R2X is the first smart cycling helmet with the convenience of Amazon Alexa Built-in.

In the R2X you’ll find state-of-the-art of Sena communication technology packed into an aerodynamic helmet perfect for road cycling, features seamlessly integrated speakers and microphone, which allow users to  easily interact with other cyclists, with their smartphones and with Alexa Built-in*.

Alexa is the intelligent cloud-based voice AI that you can talk to on R2X. Speak to Alexa through your helmet to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more – all while you keep your hands on the handlebar and eyes on the road. Using Alexa on R2X is simple and hands-free, just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly. Try to ask “Alexa I’m coming home, turn on the AC” or “Alexa, open the garage door”- it is that easy! just be sure to bring along your smartphone with the amazon Alexa app installed.

Mesh Intercom communication platform offers maximum flexibility in helmet-to-helmet connections and is able to automatically connect to all compatible Sena Mesh devices in the helmet’s range, with no limits in the number of connections and no pairing procedures. R2X is compatible with all EVO devices in the Sena cycling product line such as R1EVO, M1EVO, R2EVO. Last but not least, the function Multi-channel Open Mesh offers 9 channels, letting you switch between groups on different frequencies.

R2X, with a polycarbonate shell, is designed for maximum comfort and safety. For the best visibility in all conditions, it houses an integrated position light at its back that can be adjusted on three different intensities.

The robust Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with your smartphone allows you to always have access to your phone’s functions on the road. With the Sena Cycling App users can manage R2X smart helmet settings such as creating a Mesh Intercom group, adjusting taillight intensity, choosing the language of voice prompts and more directly from their smartphone screen.

The R2X is expected to be available in Europe next Autumn.

*Alexa Built-in (ABI) is an Amazon certification program that confirms whether a product meets their standards, helping to ensure that customers have a better Alexa experience.

**Amazon,Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.


In the near future, Sena expects to extend its technologies by establishing partnerships with prestigious names in the cycling industry.

Sena is official in-race communication partner from professional World Tour Team ‘Team DSM’. The engineers from SENA work closely together with the R&D experts from Team DSM in order to develop a superior communication system that significantly improves the contact between riders and coaches.

The collaborations with professional cycling teams like Team DSM, which vision is to never accept the status quo, and always keep pushing technological boundaries, enables Sena to develop a product made specifically for competitive cycling and capable of enhancing teamwork and individual athletic performance.

These partnerships are extremely valuable to Sena because they enable the company to better understand the needs of the industry and to improve and develop its products to meet the most demanding standards.

About the partnership between Sena and DSM Team you can visit this link.

Sena is looking forward to soon extending its network of collaboration with more and more key players and enthusiasts in the industry and to bring the #rideconnected experience to all cyclists.

You can find the complete media kit at this link.