IRVINE, Calif. (September 8, 2022) — Sena Technologies, Inc. is rolling out a pair of new two-way Bluetooth® motorcycle communication systems, the 5R and 5R Lite. Perfect for riding solo or with one other person, the 5R and 5R Lite pack just the right amount of Sena features for a competitive price. Both the 5R and 5R Lite feature a compact design with a 3-button control and an LCD screen for visual confirmation of device settings to simplify device setup before your ride.


The 5R boasts Sena’s HD speakers to add an extra boost to your audio. From music to intercom, the 5R’s HD speakers will take the audio experience up a notch. The 5R offers up to 16 hours of talk time on a full charge. MSRP $139 USD (€149,95 EUR). 

5R Lite

Compared to the 5R, the 5R Lite Features a slightly lower profile design and offers the fundamental features needed for your ride. The 5R Lite allows for 8 hours of talk time and is offered at a lower price than the standard 5R. MSRP $99 USD (€99,95 EUR).


The 5R and 5R Lite both offer 2-way Bluetooth intercom and smartphone connectivity for listening to music, turn-by-turn GPS directions, taking phone calls, and more. Both devices allow users to connect the Sena Motorcycles App to easily manage the devices settings, utilize Smart Intercom pairing, and access the quick start guide on the fly. 


The 5R and 5R Lite are now available through and through our network of retailers. The 5R retails for $139 USD (€149,95 EUR) and the 5R Lite retails for $99 USD (€99,95 EUR).