Solution to Social Distancing for Cycling and Group Rides During Covid Confinement

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Solution to Social Distancing for Cycling and Group Rides During Covid Confinement

August 13, 2020

Sena Adventure Seeker, Lex Albrecht, was introduced to the R1 Smart Communications Cycling Helmet earlier this year. She loves using the R1 to listen to music while training for races, or to communicate with fellow cyclists while riding. Lex recently posted a blog post describing how the R1 Smart Communications Cycling helmet has come in handy with social distancing requirements. Continue reading for Lex’s take on how riding with the Sena R1 Bluetooth integrated cycling helmet is the perfect solution for maintaining social distance while group riding in the time of Covid-19.

Teammates utilize Sena gear

Lex Albrect: Covid-19 confinement restrictions are about to slowly lift where I live in Montréal, Canada. I can't wait to get back to riding my road bike outside, to return to training like normal again.  I miss cycling workouts on the road!

Group ride forecasts remain glum though.  Social distancing orders threaten to make cycling together impossible this year. For good reason too. The Corona virus KILLS people.  It's serious stuff.  

The Smart Helmet is going to be the solution to riding together though.  And there's no FaceTime or Zoom or cameras involved.  It's for real, live, cycling together, riding connected stuff.  Let me show you:

The newest version, R1 EVO features MESH technology which basically makes connecting with multiple riders easy, and increases the maximum distance between the furthest riders significantly. (Each rider acts as a transmitter in the network of riders in your group. One rider transmits the signal from another rider, acting as, like, a cellphone tower.  That's my super vulgarized way of explaining it.).  The R1 Evo also has an integrated light.  In the video, the white bike helmet is the Sena R1 EVO:

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