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Toni has been riding motorcycles since she was just 16 years old. When she was 7, she got her first pocket bike; since then, she's loved riding and even shares this passion with her boyfriend. Thanks to social media, Toni shares all of these experiences and is always happy to show what girls can do on two wheels. It's essential to her to wear the correct protective gear; she strives to be the best role model, especially for younger bikers. Many bikers don't take this topic very seriously, as other influencers often convey the wrong way about this.

What is Bikers vs. Cancer?

Bikers vs. Cancer is a social project that collects donations for children with cancer and strengthens motorsport enthusiasts' common good. The project takes place once a year in May, with hundreds of bikers across 20 regions of Germany taking part. Volunteers plan and organize the day months in advance, which includes stunt shows. Donations go to the German Child Cancer Aid and are used primarily for projects and research.

Toni was inspired to begin this charity due to the loss of a friend. A young 15-year old lady was enthusiastic about Toni and her motorcycle.  She was excited to reach her 16th birthday to get her motorcycle license. Unfortunately, her life was cut short due to cancer.

After finding out, Toni dreamt of how the young girl dressed colorfully together with her friends, collecting donations on their bikes for children with cancer. Toni immediately created a plan, and through her social media connections, the project and awareness rapidly grew. Since then, they have already collected over 20.000 EUR, representing the project at various motorcycle fairs. If you want to support Toni and this project, please look at their shop and keep an eye out for a white sweater with a colorful unicorn: this is the symbol for Biker vs. Cancer.


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