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Montréal, Canada



R1 Smart Cycling Helmet



“I’ve been using Sena for quite a few years now – it definitely enhances the ride.”

About Lex Albrecht 

Former UCI Women's World Tour professional cyclist, Lex Albrecht competed in road cycling races on 5 continents, as a part of various professional trade teams and as a member of the Canadian National Team.  4-time World Championships athlete and 8-time Champion of Quebec, Lex has retired to her home base of Montreal Quebec where she rides at least one of her bikes (road, mountain or gravel) every day!

Lex loves Riding Connected with the R1 EVO helmet because "I don't have to waste my breath on shouting over the wind when I ride with friends, we can just talk in a normal tone of voice. Plus, after being so frustrated with old race radio technology from my days of professional riding, I just love a reliable way to #RideConnected!"

Lex is also an avid motorcyclist and adventures all over north America on her GS1250 adventure bike. Believe it or not, she even carries around her Cannondale SuperSix EVO on the back!

"The motorcycle helps me scout out awesome roads to explore on my bicycle, and often times I spot sweet places to ride the motorcycle, while I'm cycling!  My favourite Sena product for motorcycle riding is the 50S. I love the jog dial because sometimes I like to tune in or out of my playlist and it makes scrolling to the perfect volume so quick and easy during the ride.


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