Sena X BMW GS Trophy Logos

Sena is the Exclusive Rider Communication Provider for the BMW Int. GS Trophy 2020


Sena is proud to support the BMW International GS Trophy 2020, taking place from February 9th through the 16th in New Zealand. The GS Trophy challenges riders as they experience off-road adventure in the pursuit of pure enduro entertainment and team glory. The most extensive line-up of motorcyclists since the first GS Trophy in 2008 is competing, with 69 riders representing 23 teams from around the world!

Sena's motorcycle communication devices are the go-to headsets for ADV riders across the globe. As the exclusive rider communication provider of the GS Trophy, Sena will equip competitors with the new 50R headset featuring Mesh 2.0. This system enables the teams to experience a new robust and upgraded communication system, which allows for a nearly unlimited amount of users to communicate, hands-free. 

Competitors will ride the BMW F 850 GS on a 2000 km route across New Zealand's landscape. From dense rainforests to glacial peaks, the island nation offers spectacular views and challenging terrain sure to thrill the competition! Additionally, Marshals will survey the course to ensure the highest safety standards. These riders will have the Sena SR10 connected to a satellite phone for use in emergency situations.



Team Gear


Sena 50R Mesh Communication System


The 50R Headset featuring Mesh 2.0 is housed in a sleek, low-profile design suited for adventure riders both on- and off-road. All 69 competitors in the 2020 BMW International GS Trophy will use the 50R.

SR10i Bluetooth Communication Device


Marshalls on the track will utilize the SR10 connected to a satellite phone for emergency use. This assists in keeping to the highest safety standards even in the most remote areas.

Sena 50S Mesh Intercom Device


Though not in use at the competition, the 50S Headset featuring Mesh 2.0 is set for release at the same time as the 50R. The 50S is a Mesh/Bluetooth Intercom device built with the familiar glove-friendly jog dial design Sena is known for.