We look forward to meeting all of you fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and professional partners at EICMA 2023! 


No limits! At EICMA 2023, SENA takes communication on two wheels to the next level. Visit us in Hall 13P/I61 to discover next level connectivity on two wheels. We look forward to meeting fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and professional partners to present a range of groundbreaking new technologies and products:

Introducing Wave

With no limits regarding number of participants and range, Wave is the logical evolution of SENA to connect motorcyclists with each other. Wave is able to connect a virtually unlimited number of people from all over the globe any time. It automatically switches from Bluetooth or Mesh to the Internet and back to keep connections steady or connect with devices out of range, offering you connectivity without limits.

Wave will be included in the 60 Series and our new Phantom helmets. 

The new Phantom helmets – Integrated Mesh 3.0 Intercom and Wave Intercom Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Phantom is a full-face smart helmet with a built-in communication system that allows you to connect via Wave, Mesh 3.0 or Bluetooth, whatever suits the situation best. The sophisticated built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) module with dedicated cheek pad for maximizing ANC performance reduces ambient noise like never before. With its enhanced voice command engine for multilingual voice commands, a talk time of up to 20 hours and fast-charging, this helmets are really made to #rideconnected without limits. For film and picture enthusiasts, the Phantom Pro includes a 2 channel camera with up to two hours of recording time. 

Prism M – Motorcycle Bluetooth® Camera

A camera to capture your whole riding experience. It combines perfect pictures (4K, 30 fps, EIS) with your Mesh or Bluetooth conversation or the internal mic. The source of the audio recording can be selected for each channel, so you can for example combine music from the Bluetooth headset with your Mesh conversation. Advanced Noise Control supresses the wind noises and ensures clear voice pickup.