Frequently Asked Questions

You can view and download the full User's Guide for the WRISTBAND REMOTE via the link below. 


After you wear the Wristband Remote, put the strap inside the rubber band.



You can use the included hook and loop fasteners to attach the Wristband Remote on your motorcycle. In this case, take off the straps.

  • Charging time: 2 hours

Basic controls for the Wristband Remote.


Pairing the Wristband Remote to your headset. 


  • Type: Lithium polymer
  • Operating time: 3 months

Compatible Models: Impulse, Stryker, Outrush R, Momentum Lite, Momentum, Momentum INC, Momentum Pro, Momentum INC Pro, Cavalry, Cavalry Lite, Savage, SPIDER ST1, SPIDER RT1, 50S, 50R, 50C, 5S, 30K, 20S, 20S EVO, SRL, SRL2, ACS10, 10U, 10UPad, 10C, 10C Pro, 10C EVO, 10R, 10S, SF1, SF2, SF4 and SFR.

The Wristband Remote is only compatible with Sena headsets that have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. This includes:

  • 30K
  • 20S/20S EVO
  • 10S
  • 10R
  • 10C
  • 10U/10UPad
  • Cavalry Helmet