Frequently Asked Questions

The Bluetooth audio device must be paired with the SRL. The SRL supports the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), so if your Bluetooth audio device also supports the AVRCP, you can use the SRL to remotely control music playback. Not only can you adjust the volume but you can also use functions such as play, pause, next track and previous track. If the Audio Multitasking feature is enabled, you can listen to music while having an intercom conversation.

1. To adjust the volume, tap the (+) Button or the (-) Button.

2. To play or pause music, press and hold the Center Button for

1 second until you hear double beeps.

3. To track forward or track back, press and hold the (+) Button or the (-) Button for 1 second.


To restore factory default settings on the SRL2, tap the (+) Button or
the (-) Button until you hear a voice prompt, “Factory reset”, and tap
the Center Button to confirm. The SRL2 powers off with a voice prompt,
“Headset reset, good-bye”.

When the SRL2 is not pairing correctly or some features are not working right, you may need to factory reset the SRL2.

1. To restore the SRL2 to factory default settings, press the Center Button for 12 seconds until you hear high-toned double beeps. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Configuration menu”.

2. Tap the (-) Button twice and you will hear a voice prompt saying “Factory reset”.

3. Within 5 seconds, tap the Center Button to confirm reset. The headset will be restored to factory setting and switched off automatically. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Headset reset, good-bye”.

When the SRL2 is not working properly or is in faulty status like will not power on or the buttons are not responding, you may reset by pushing the pin-hole reset button located next to the DC Power Charging & Firmware Upgrade Port.

Insert a paper clip into the reset pin-hole and press the reset button for a second with light pressure. The SRL2 will be switched off, and you have to turn on the system back on and try again. However, this will not restore the headset to factor y default settings.

No. The SRL2 for the Shoei Helmets does not support custom earbuds.

The SRL2 is compatible with the Shoei Neotec II if it was manufactured on or after March 8th, 2019 and the Shoei GT-Air II.


Here is how to determine if the Shoei Neotec II was manufactured on or after March 8th, 2019:

  1. The 5 year warranty sticker on the outside of the package is blue.
  2. The sticker on the visor has the following text below the INTERCOM READY DESIGN "Designed for seamless integration with SENA SRL/SRL2 Communication Systems".
  3. There is a white sticker underneath the center liner that shows the production date "Product Month/Day/Year" along with the serial number of the helmet.
  4. The shape of the cutout that is located on the right side of the helmet underneath the cheek pad is long enough to support microphone for the SRL2.

The SRL2 and SRL shares the same hardware (speakers, antenna, Bluetooth module and button module) except for the microphones. The new SRL2 is designed specifically for the 2019 Shoei GT-Air II helmet.

The new SRL2 comes with two types of microphones, a wired mic and a wired boom mic.

  • The wired microphone that is supplied with the SRL2 is a slimmer mic that adheres to the front inside of the Shoei GT-Air II full face helmet. You can use the wired mic if there is not enough space between your mouth and the front of helmet.



The SRL has a fixed boom microphone which is designed specifically for the Shoei Neotec II "flip-up" helmet.