Frequently Asked Questions

You can view and download the full User's Guide for the +Mesh via the link below. 

+Mesh User Guide | Sena

To power on the +mesh, press and hold the Multi-function Button for 1 second.
To power off the +mesh, press and hold the Multi-function Button for 1 second._MESH_Diagram.PNG

The +mesh can be charged using many common methods via the supplied USB power & data cable.
The LED turns red while the headset is charging and turns blue when it is fully charged. Depending upon the charging method, the headset will be fully charged in about 2 hours.


When the +mesh is powering on, the red LED flashes rapidly indicating the battery level.

4 flashes = High, 70~100%

3 flashes = Medium, 30~70%

2 flashes = Low, 0~30%

1. Turn on the +mesh and a headset that you would like to pair with each other.
2. Press and hold the Multi-function Button of the +mesh for 5 seconds until red LED of the +mesh start to flash rapidly. Enter into the Bluetooth intercom pairing mode of the headset (refer to the User’s
Manual for the headset you want to use). You do not need to press any buttons for pairing.
3. When the LED flashes green, the pairing is completed. You will hear “Mesh Intercom On” from the connected corresponding headset.

1. To start the Mesh Intercom, tap the Multi-function Button. The LED flashes green and you will hear “Mesh Intercom On” from the connected corresponding headset.

2. To terminate the Mesh Intercom, tap the Multi-function Button. You will hear “Mesh Intercom Off” from the connected corresponding headset.

1. The +mesh supports only one headset or helmet for pairing.
2. If the connected headset or helmet has HD Intercom activated, the headset supports communication with HD quality sound.
3. If Audio Multitasking is enabled, the headset or helmet communicates in Normal Intercom mode.
4. If a headset or helmet that is connected to a +mesh connects to another headset or helmet using Bluetooth intercom, the voice prompts from the +mesh will be heard by all of the connected headsets.
5. If the headset or helmet has Audio Multitasking enabled or HD Intercom disabled, the intercom quality of Mesh Intercom will be reduced.
6. You can also start and terminate the Mesh Intercom by using the headset or helmet, but “Mesh Intercom On” and “Mesh Intercom Off” voice prompts will not be heard.

If Bluetooth connection between the +mesh and a headset is disconnected, tap the Multi-function Button to reconnect the two devices.

When the +mesh is not working properly or is in faulty status for any reason, you may reset by pushing the Pinhole Reset Button at the back of the main unit.


If you want to restore the +mesh to factory default settings, use the Factory Reset. Press and hold the Multi-function Button for 11 seconds until the LED flashes white, the +mesh automatically restores the default settings and turns off.