Frequently Asked Questions

The Bluetooth system can be charged using many common methods via the supplied USB power & data cable:

1. Plugged into a computer’s USB port.

2. With a USB-equipped AC adapter via a wall-outlet charger.

Depending upon the charging method, the Bluetooth system will be fully charged in about 2.5 hours. 

Charging the Bluetooth System


• Please make sure to take off your helmet while charging. The Bluetooth system automatically
turns off during charging.

Playing Music with Bluetooth Devices

1. To play or pause music, press and hold the Center Button for 1 second until you hear a double beep.

Play/Pause Music


2. To adjust the volume, tap the (+) Button or the (-) Button.

Volume Up


Volume Down


3. To track forward or back, press and hold the (+) Button or the (-) Button for 1 second.

 Track Forward


Track Backward



To turn on or shut off the FM Radio, press the (-) Button for 1 second until you hear a double beep.

The “Scan” function automatically searches for radio stations, starting with the current station’s frequency, then up from there.

1. Press and hold the (+) Button for 1 second to scan for stations.

2. The Sena tuner pauses at each station it finds for 8 seconds before moving to the next.

3. To save the current station, tap the Center Button. The station will be saved as the next preset number.

4. To stop scanning, press the (+) Button for 1 second.