Sena Device Manager

Step 1: Download

Download and install the Sena Device Manager on your computer.

Step 2: Update

Update the firmware of your Sena product with the Sena Device Manager.

Step 3: Pair

Reset your Sena product to the factory default setting (refer to the User’s Guide) and pair your Sena product with your Bluetooth device again.

Camera Firmware Upgrade Guide

Step 1: Connect the microSD card to the PC.

Step 2: Download the ZIP file with the latest firmware from "See Firmware History" below.

Step 3: Extract the firmware file from the ZIP file to your computer.

Step 4: Copy the firmware file to the root folder of your microSD card.

Step 5: Insert microSD card to the microSD Card Slot on the Momentum Pro Helmet.

Step 6: Power on the camera, the firmware will update automatically. The LED will flash green and then the camera will turn off.

Step 7: Turn on the camera and the firmware update will be complete.

See Firmware History

If you already know the functionality of your device and want to keep it that way, you can download previous firmware versions to your device through the Device Manager. Click here for Firmware Release Notes.


Sena Utility App

Download the Sena Utility App on your iPhone or Android to set up your group and stay connected with your friends. Save time with the Sena Utility App and enjoy your adventure even more!

Camera App

Download the Sena Camera app to your iPhone or Android to preview footage on your smartphone via WiFi or adjust settings such as video recording mode. You can also download footage and pictures directly onto your smartphone.

RideConnected App

The Sena RideConnected App is a new application available for download on iPhone and Android smartphones. This new app is designed to allow you to communicate with fellow riders all over the world. By using your smartphone, you are not limited by the range or number of intercom connections as with Bluetooth. As long as you are connected to a mobile network you can create private groups, invite your friends and chat with them while using your Sena headset.