Frequently Asked Questions

To power on the +mesh, press and hold the Multi-function Button for 1 second.
To power off the +mesh, press and hold the Multi-function Button for 1 second._MESH_Diagram.PNG

1. To start the Mesh Intercom, tap the Multi-function Button. The LED flashes green and you will hear “Mesh Intercom On” from the connected corresponding headset.

2. To terminate the Mesh Intercom, tap the Multi-function Button. You will hear “Mesh Intercom Off” from the connected corresponding headset.

1. The +mesh supports only one headset or helmet for pairing.
2. If the connected headset or helmet has HD Intercom activated, the headset supports communication with HD quality sound.
3. If Audio Multitasking is enabled, the headset or helmet communicates in Normal Intercom mode.
4. If a headset or helmet that is connected to a +mesh connects to another headset or helmet using Bluetooth intercom, the voice prompts from the +mesh will be heard by all of the connected headsets.
5. If the headset or helmet has Audio Multitasking enabled or HD Intercom disabled, the intercom quality of Mesh Intercom will be reduced.
6. You can also start and terminate the Mesh Intercom by using the headset or helmet, but “Mesh Intercom On” and “Mesh Intercom Off” voice prompts will not be heard.