Frequently Asked Questions

You can view and download the full User's Guide for the LATITUDE SR via the link below. 

LATITUDE SR User Guide | Sena

Powering On


Powering Off


Charging the Bluetooth System


Depending upon the Charging method, the Bluetooth system will be fully charged in about 3 hours.


  • Please make sure to take off your helmet while charging. The Bluetooth system automatically turns off during charging.
  • Any 3rd party USB charger can be used with Sena products if the charger is approved by either the FCC, CE, IC or other locally approved agencies that Sena accepts.
  • The Latitude SR is compatible with 5 V/1 A input USB-charged devices only.


Visual Method


Audible Method



  • The battery performance may be reduced over time with usage.
  • Battery life may vary depending on conditions, environmental factors, functions of the product in use, and devices used with it.

Volume is set and maintained independently at different levels for each audio source, even when the Bluetooth system is rebooted.

Volume Up


Volume down


1. Press and hold the (+) Button and (-) Button for 5 seconds when the Latitude SR is turned off.


2. With your mobile phone in Bluetooth-pairing mode, select Latitude SR in the list of devices detected.

3. If your mobile phone asks for a PIN, enter 0000.

Answer a Call


End/Reject a Call


Make a Call with Voice Dialer


Play/Pause Music


Next Track


Previous Track


Up to three other people can be paired with the helmet for Bluetooth intercom conversations


1. Press and hold the Sena Button of two Bluetooth systems for 5 seconds until flashes red.

2. Tap the Sena Button on either Bluetooth system and wait until the LEDs of both turn blue.

Pairing with Intercom B                                        On Either One of the Devices


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to pair with Intercom Friends C & D.

Last-Come, First-Served


You can start or end an intercom conversation with an Intercom Friend by tapping the Sena Button.

Start/End Two-Way Intercom with Intercom Friend 1,2,3


You (A) can have a Three-Way intercom Conference with two other Intercom Friends (B & C) by establishing two intercom connections simultaneously.

1. You (A) need to be paired with two other Intercom Friends (B & C) for three way conference intercom.

2. Start an intercom conversation with one of the two friends in your intercom group.

3. You (A) can call the second Intercom friend (C) by double tapping the Center Button, or the second Intercom friend (C) may join the intercom by making an intercom call to you (A).


With three Intercom Friends connected, a new participant (D) can make it a Four-Way Intercom Conference by making an intercom call to either (B) or (C).


FM Radio On


FM Radio Off


Seek Stations Forward


Save Stations

1. Enter preset selection mode.


2. Navigate forward or backward through preset stations that you want to store.


3. Save station to the preset number or delete station from memory.



When the USB charging & data cable connects a power supply to the system, the system will automatically be turned off and a fault reset will occur.


Note: Fault Reset will not restore the headset to factory default settings.

To erase all of your settings and start fresh, the system can be restored to factory default settings using the factory reset


The Latitude SR is an alpine snow helmet with a hard shell. The Latitude SX is a freestyle helmet with a soft shell. 

Here’s how to use Sena's Smart Intercom Pairing feature to make pairing your LATITUDE SR with your friends easier:



A QR code is required to pair your LATITUDE SR to your friends. To create a QR code, pair your Bluetooth system to your iPhone or Android smartphone (please refer to the User's Guide for more details on pairing the LATITUDE SR to your smartphone). Next, open the Sena Outdoor App on your iPhone or Android smartphone. 


Next, tap on the "Smart Intercom Pairing" button. The app will create a QR code for your LATITUDE SR.



You will need to scan the QR code on your friend's smartphone to pair your LATITUDE SR to your friend. Tap the "Add" button on the app to use your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code on your friend's smartphone. 



When your friend's QR code has been scanned, tap the "Confirm" button to pair your LATITUDE SR to your friend. Repeat these steps to pair your LATITUDE SR to your other friends.

Select your friend's headset on the app for a guide on how to start and stop an intercom conversation with them. 


Other Functions of Smart Intercom Pairing

Along with easily pairing your headset to your friends, Smart Intercom Pairing allows you to change the name of your friend’s headset for easy recognition, change the order of your friends on your list, and remove your friends from your list. 

  • Change Your Friend’s Name

Tap the pencil icon on the right side of the app to change the name of your friend’s headset and tap the “OK” button when finished. 

  • Change the Order of Your Friends

Tap the “Edit” button to make changes to your list. Next, tap on the name of your friend’s headset to select it. You can use the up and down arrows to move them one spot higher or lower or you can use the double up and down arrows to move them to the top or bottom of the list. Press the return arrow in the bottom left to save the changes to the order on your list. 

  • Remove a Friend

Tap the “Edit” button to make changes to your list. Next, tap on the name of your friend’s headset to select it. Next, tap the trash can icon in the bottom right of the app to remove your friend. Press the return arrow in the bottom left to save the changes to your list. Note: The app will update the list on your LATITUDE SR but it will not be updated on your friend’s list which will cause an error message when your friend attempts to connect to your LATITUDE SR.