Frequently Asked Questions

The 20S EVO can be paired with up to nine other headsets for Bluetooth intercom conversation.

1. Turn on the two 20S EVO headsets (A and B) that you would like to pair with each other.

2. There are two ways you can enter the two headsets into pairing mode.

  • Press and hold the Jog Dial of the headset A and B for 6 seconds until red LEDs of both units start to flash rapidly. You will hear a voice prompt saying Intercom pairing.
  • Remove the two headsets from the clamps. Grab them with each hand and shake them simultaneously until the green LEDs of the both units star t to flash rapidly.

3. Simply tap the Jog Dial of any one of the two headsets A or B and wait until the LEDs of both headsets turn to blue and intercom connection is automatically established. The two headsets A and B are paired with each other for intercom conversation. If the pairing process is not completed within one minute, the 20S EVO will return to stand-by mode.

4. You can pair with up to nine other headsets. To pair with more headsets such as A and C, A and D, and more, simply follow the same procedure as above.

5. The intercom pairing queue is ‘Last-Come, First-Served’. If a headset has multiple paired headsets for intercom conversations, the last paired headset is set as first intercom friend. The previous intercom friend becomes second intercom friend, and third intercom friend.


Start Three-way Intercom

You (A) can have a three-way intercom with two other 20S EVO friends (B & C) by establishing two intercom connections at the same time.

1. You (A) need to be paired with two other friends (B & C) for three-way intercom.

2. Start an intercom conversation with one of the two friends in your intercom group. For example, you (A) may start an intercom conversation with the intercom friend (B). Or intercom friend (B)
may start an intercom call with you (A).

3. The second intercom friend (C) may join the intercom by making an intercom call to you (A). You (A) may also connect the second intercom friend (C).

4. Now you (A) and two 20S EVO intercom friends (B & C) are having a three-way intercom.

 End Three-way Intercom

When you are a member of an active three-way intercom, you can completely terminate the intercom or just disconnect an intercom connection with one of your active intercom friends.

1. Press the Jog Dial for 2 seconds until you hear double beeps to terminate a three-way intercom completely. It terminates both intercom connections with (B) and (C).

2. Tap or double tap the Jog Dial to disconnect intercom connection with one of the two intercom friends accordingly. For example, by single tapping the Jog Dial, you can just terminate the intercom connection with the first intercom friend (B). However, you still have the intercom connection with your second intercom friend (C).

Jog Dial Operation Result
Press for 2 Seconds Disconnected (B) & (C)
Single Tap Disconnected (B)
Double Tap Disconnected (C)


To turn on the FM radio, press and hold the Phone Button for 2 seconds until you hear a mid-tone double beep sound. You will then hear a voice prompt saying FM on.

 In order to turn off the FM radio ,press and hold the Phone Button for 2 seconds until you hear a voice prompt sayingFM off”. When you power off, the 20S EVO will remember the last station frequency. When you power it on, the last station frequency will be playing.

Yes. The Audio Multitasking feature on the 20S EVO can be used if the headset is connected to 4 or more Sena headsets to allow you to listen to your music and GPS directions while talking over the intercom.

Here are the differences between the 20S EVO and the 20S:


  • Physical design. The 20S EVO has a shark-fin design which is a redesign of the flip up antenna on the 20S.

  • The intercom performance on the 20S EVO has been improved over the 20S.

Yes. The 20S EVO and the 20S can be paired together for talking over the intercom.

Yes. The 20S EVO uses the same microphone as the 30K.