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October 8, 2018

We’re rolling out a huge update for all Sena 10, 20, and 30 series products, along with our all-new website

New SENA Website

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to our new website! Last week we launched our new site, which got a much needed facelift. Navigate through our motorcycle, cycling, outdoor, and industrial products with ease.


30K Firmware Update 2.0

When we introduced the 30K, the Audio Multitasking feature was only available while using Mesh Intercom Mode. Now riders can enjoy using Audio Multitasking in both Mesh Intercom and Bluetooth Intercom modes. What this means is that riders will be able to listen to music and use Bluetooth Intercom at the same time, as well as listen to music and use Mesh Intercom mode at the same time.
Riders will also be able to use the Music Sharing feature while in Mesh Intercom mode, in both Public and Private Mode. You can now freely share music with one other rider while in Mesh Intercom mode and still be able to chat over the Mesh Intercom.

The 30K is also receiving a general upgrade on the Group Intercom function and Multiway Intercom. Riders will enjoy improved and more robust intercom connections.

30K Bug Fixes

The 30K will no longer power off automatically when three-way intercom is attempted while two phones are connected. Also, the Intercom-Audio Overlay Sensitivity setting can now be adjusted for Audio Multitasking during both Bluetooth Intercom communications as well as Mesh Intercom communications.

Audio Multitasking Update

All Sena Units with Bluetooth 4.0 and above will now feature Audio Multitasking. What this means is that all Sena 10 series units can now enjoy talking over the Bluetooth intercom and hearing an additional audio source, such as music or GPS, at the same time. Previously, users would have to manually switch from Bluetooth intercom mode to their other audio source.

Applicable Firmware Upgrades

In order for the 30K to be able to use Audio Multitasking with other Sena Bluetooth headsets, the corresponding Bluetooth headsets will need to upgrade to the latest firmware as well. The products below will now offer support for 30K Audio Multitasking.

Products with New Firmware Releasing October 8, 2018:
  • 30K
  • 20S
  • 20S Evo
  • Momentum INC
  • 10S
  • 10R
  • SRL (Note: A new firmware update is not available for the SRL, as it currently has support for 30K Audio Multitasking, along with the same updates from 20S v2.0 and 20S Evo v2.0)
Products with New Firmware Releasing November 15, 2018: Products with New Firmware Releasing December 5, 2018: Products with New Firmware Releasing January 7, 2019: Products with New Firmware Releasing Shortly After: Before upgrading your firmware you will need to update your Sena Bluetooth Device Manager to the most recent version. See below for step-by-step instructions and a how-to video.

How to Update Your Firmware:

  1. Run the Sena Bluetooth Device Manager from your computer. Be sure the device manager is the most recent version.
  2. On the WELCOME screen, press the NEXT button.
  3. Follow the instructions to have your headset recognized then press the NEXT button.
  4. When you are prompted that a new firmware version is available, download it to your computer and the headset will start to update.
  5. When finished, press the NEW DEVICE button and then reset your headset to the factory default setting (refer to the User's Guide) and pair your Sena product with your Bluetooth device again.

Video Tutorial Guide For Updating Your Firmware:

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