Trade-Up to a New Generation of Intercoms

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Trade-Up to a New Generation of Intercoms

May 18, 2020


The just-released 50R and 50S come equipped with Sena’s most advanced tech to date. The new duo includes louder speakers, seriously robust intercom and mesh network reliability, glove-friendly functionality, and cutting-edge Mesh 2.0 firmware.

50S 50R Sena Bluetooth Intercom

For a limited time, current 30K, 20S, and 20S Evo owners can trade-up to the 50R or 50S and save money! 30K owners can receive a $150 rebate and 20S / 20S EVO owners qualify for a $135 rebate. The trade-up program is only available until June 30th, 2020. In order to take advantage of this killer offer, you must live in the United States and have a 30K, 20S, or 20S Evo.

To get in on this, purchase a Sena 50R or 50S by June 30th, 2020. You’ll then have 30 days from the date of purchase to submit a rebate form. Once submitted, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label. Next, pack up and send your 30K, 20S, and/or 20S Evo back to us using the prepaid return label provided. If you have more than one trade to make for the 50R and/or 50S, you’ll need to send a 30K, 20S, or 20S Evo back for every rebate credit you’d like to claim. 

Introducing the 50R and 50S

50S 50R Sena Bluetooth Intercoms

Tested tough by 140 ADV riders during the International GS Trophy 2020, ultra-low profile 50R sets a new standard for motorcycle comms. The 50R comes with a user-friendly 3-button system, while the 50S has a sleek, glove-friendly dial. The 50S and 50R include fine-tuned, redesigned HD speakers optimized for enhanced performance in volume, bass, and clarity. Both come with 30% faster rapid charging, automatic firmware updates, Siri and Google voice command compatibility, and the newest Sena tech on the market: Mesh 2.0.

Robust Reliability

50S 50R Sena Bluetooth Intercom

What makes Mesh 2.0 so great? With a phenomenal data transfer rate increase of 80%, Mesh 2.0 truly is in a league of its own. That means crystal clear audio and a rock-solid connection for 80% faster, better, stronger communication between riders. Yeah, it’s that good.

Upgrading Your 30K to Mesh 2.0

If you’re not ready to part with your 30K, you can still upgrade to the new 2.0 firmware update for free. It’s easy to set up your 30K using the 30k Updater. Introducing the all new 30K Updater, Sena’s new solution to simplify the Mesh 2.0 firmware update process for your 30K. Download the 30K Updater software to your Mac or PC for a great way to quickly and easily update your 30K’s firmware to the new Mesh 2.0 platform.

Ready to hit the road now?


There’s a 30K Quick Start Guide to guide you through how to use the new Mesh 2.0 functions on your 30K right now.
Learn more about what makes the new Mesh 2.0 firmware update one you’ll want to take advantage of by either trading up to a 50R, 50S, or upgrading your current 30K.

Check out the limited-time trade-up program here.