The Sena Sound Revolution is Here!

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The Sena Sound Revolution is Here!

January 26, 2021

Sena is excited to announce the launch of our newest accessory; the High Definition Speaker kit! Sena continues to develop enhanced product features such as High Definition Speakers as a result of our continued pursuit of enabling motorcyclists to #RideConnected. These premium HD speakers first launched earlier in 2020 for the 5S, 50S and 50R bluetooth headsets. Sena listened to our customers positive feedback regarding the HD speakers for these devices and will now be offering them for additional products starting today! The new HD Speakers by Sena are now available on for the 30K, 20S EVO, 20S 10C Pro, and 10C EVO.


The new HD Speakers by Sena were designed to deliver crisp communication sound quality and a premium music listening experience. With a stunning increase in clarity and bass boost, these all-new HD speakers will rock you! The speakers incorporate a low profile bevel, reducing potential ear-to-edge chafe, and as always, easily fit into existing helmet speaker pockets. 

Sena has also developed new firmware for the 30K, 20S EVO, 20S, 10C EVO and 10C Pro, which will allow you to get the most out of the new HD Speakers. Additionally, your Sena device’s mobile app has been updated to enhance the output of the HD speakers, including new Audio EQ Presets. So be sure to take advantage of both of these updates in order to experience everything the new HD Speakers have to offer!

Key Features

  • Up to 50% Higher Audio Clarity

  • Enhanced Bass

  • New Beveled Shape

  • Updated apps with Audio EQ Presets

How to Buy


Premium HD Speakers for 30K, 20S EVO and 20S are now available on for $39 USD / €45.96 EUR (VAT incl). 


HD Speakers for 10C PRO and 10C EVO are now available on for $39 USD / €45.96 EUR (VAT incl).

Setting Up Your Device with Premium HD Speakers

Installing the HD Speakers

After you purchase your premium HD Speakers from you will need to update your mobile device’s Sena app and also install the latest firmware for your Sena device. Simply follow these easy steps to setup:

Use your computer to update your Sena device’s firmware with the Device Manager

Remove the old speakers from your helmet and mount the new HD speakers

Update your Sena mobile app and activate the new ‘HD Speakers’ option in the app settings

Rock on!

Visit our Support Page for more information.