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June 25, 2019


What’s in the Box?

The Momentum Pro and Momentum INC Pro are available in sizes XS-XXL and are composed of a composite fiberglass shell with multi-density EPS. An intricate ventilation system keeps air flowing through the helmet, keeping the rider cool. The interior’s adjustable multi-pad system enables this cool air to flow while also keeping you protected. The visor is scratch and UV-resistant, plus is Pinlock ready with a quick release system; in the case of the Momentum INC Pro, it comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert lens out of the box. An optional smokescreen visor is also available (sold separately). Both helmets are DOT-approved.

Bluetooth Communication

Out of the box, the Momentum Pro helmet is ready to go with the aforementioned Bluetooth communication technology. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the helmet can connect to your smartphone in order to stream your music and respond to phone calls on the road. It can also connect up to 7 additional riders for Group Intercom™ to chat on the road, up to a mile away. Another audio feature of the helmet is Audio Multitasking; now you can listen to your music and your fellow riders at the same time!

Integrated Noise Control

An additional feature of the Momentum INC Pro is its namesake, the Integrated Noise Control. INC is designed to target certain degrees of wind noise and diminish or eliminate it, allowing you to hear clearer sound from your headset and your surroundings. Wind noise, particularly at faster speeds, can be damaging to your hearing and can increase the likelihood of health issues. With noise control, you can eliminate that hazard and enjoy the ride. One other feature is Ambient Mode; with the press of a button, you’ll be able to hear your surroundings and carry a conversation, all without having to remove your helmet.

Integrated 2K WiFi Action Camera

As the years have gone by, action cameras have become a primary feature to mount on one's helmet, not only to record trips but to record daily commutes; a dash-cam if you will. The Momentum Pro line features an integrated quad-high definition camera built into the top of the helmet, so no separate camera is needed; simply insert a MicroSD card and you’re set! The camera supports up to 64GB models of MicroSD cards and records up to 2K/30 FPS with a capacity of up to 2 hours. With built-in WiFi, you can connect to Sena’s Camera App to get a preview of the camera’s view, fine-tune settings, and even download video recorded straight from the phone.

Having a handy dash-cam allows you some benefits, such as:

1. Recording your favorite trips

Who doesn’t enjoy looking back at memories of a good ride? While recording with your camera, you can easily snap a picture of your surroundings, memorializing a particular moment. The camera not only captures video, but it also records your fellow riders participating in Bluetooth Intercom. Recording your trip allows you to relive an adventure not only with yourself but with non-riders as well. Who knows? You may even inspire a non-rider to grab the bars for themselves!

2. Improving your riding techniques

The art of riding doesn’t stop just because you understand the basics or you feel confident in your technique. There are always ways you can improve your skills, especially if you can look back at a recording and see something you may have missed on your trip. Learning to be aware of your surroundings is key in a rider’s safety. This is particularly beneficial to riders who commute to work. Imagine the scenario in which your daily commute will be interrupted by construction; being able to review the road conditions will allow you future preparation in being aware of hazard areas or even in planning an alternative route.

3. Protecting yourself

Even though there are a variety of infomercials warning drivers to be aware of motorcyclists, some drivers tend to be lax on their driving habits. A camera can serve as a reminder to such drivers on the road to be mindful of their actions, given that they will be captured in the recording. In the unfortunate event were an accident to occur, a rider wearing a camera is able to record the incident.

Comfort and Technology, All-In

Momentum Pro Helmet

With a comfortable design and patented technological creations, Sena’s Momentum Pro line is a sure fit for the open rider. Look for the helmets available at your local bike shop today! 

Momentum Pro Helmet White Momentum Pro Black Helmet Bluetooth Communication with Camera

Momentum Pro

Momentum INC Pro Helmet - White Momentum INC Pro Full-Face Helmet Black

Momentum INC Pro