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July 26, 2019

Camp Zero parked bikes
(photo by Nathalie Kossek)

Ready to party like it’s 1981, with flowing kegs, jammin’ music, and all the dirt and debauchery that a motorcycle rally should bring? Then come on over and join Sena at Camp Zero from August 2nd through the 7th! This campground offers the bare necessities to get you in the rally spirit: free showers, an on-site bar, and whatever amount of friends you feel like bringing! Simply bring your tent, van, or camper, park it in one of the ample spots, and get to partying! Don’t have one of those? You can rent an authentic tipi with room for up to six people. Or, just sleep on the ground and take in good ol’ nature! Grab your booze, bring some grub, and settle in with other motorheads reminiscing of the good times. If this doesn’t sound like your type of party, well, move on, because we only want party animals on the campgrounds!

Tipis at Camp Zero

So how’s Camp Zero going to be the party mecca of Sturgis, you ask? Well, we’re not here to tell you to stick around for the party; by all means, go and have your little adventures. For those of you who stick around, though, Camp Zero has a host of events to get your wild streak going (schedule subject to change):

August 2nd

Gambler 500 Mini Bike Endurocross (11a - 2p @ Camp Zero)
Who doesn’t like to ride with a mouthful of peanut butter & jelly (unless you’re allergic; then just slap some jelly on that sandwich)?! The party starts at J&P Cycles in Sturgis as we make our way through the Black Hills for no reason except the fact that we’re motorheads who love to ride. At the end of the trip, enjoy a PB&J sammich as you enjoy rodeo games such as the PB&J Toss, PB&J Bite, and of course, the Sena Barrel Games! We’re hosts of this event, so we’ll be bringing the picnic!

Camp Zero Barn
(photo by Nathalie Kossek)

August 3rd

Brews & Braaps Beer Fest (2p - 6p @ Free Access Buffalo Chip CrossRoads)
Now that you’ve settled in on the campgrounds, why are you still not partying? Well, perhaps you just need a good chug! Check out some wicked hogs on display as you savor a cold one! Use the time to talk with other riders and maybe even plan a ride with them.

August 4th

FXR Show & Dyna Mixer (@ Free Access Buffalo Chip CrossRoads)
Sunday isn’t for resting, kids! The party continues with a mixer showcasing some nice hogs. Grab a drink and socialize with your fellow motorheads. By the way, if you’re looking for some aftermarket parts for your bike, this event is having a contest for anyone who registers for the showcase!

Bell Brawl Big Twin Stunt Show (3p - 6p @ Free Access Buffalo Chip CrossRoads)
You ever see a V-twin rocket skyward performing a wheelie? This is the place to see it! Located at the free access Buffalo Chip CrossRoads, the Bell Brawl Big Twin Stunt Show shows of some mindblowing stunts on V-twins you wouldn’t believe possible! Come over and support some truly crazy stunt riders!

August 6th

Gambler 500 Mini Bike Endurocross (11a - 2p @ Camp Zero)
Hope you enjoyed your day off because Tuesday is gonna be crammed with events! First off, the Gambler guys are gonna invade the Buffalo Chip’s PowerSports Complex and take on a course of mud, rocks, and a bunch of other obstacles as they ride around on minibikes!

Mini-bike racing

Hooligan Hill Climb (12p - 2p @Hooligan Hill)
Are you confident in your street bike’s power? Then test its mettle by participating in the Hooligan Hill Climb Racing competition. Hosted by Sturgis Buffalo Chip and J&P Cycles, the hill is designed to bring you crashing down! Think you’re still up for it? Then make sure to register Tuesday morning; $20 per rider per class and the winner receives 100% of the payout purse!

Sportster Showdown & Hog Roast (2p - 6p @Camp Zero)
It’s time for the Sportsters to shine. Check out some of the rally’s slickest choppers, trackers, and vintage rides as you chomp on some delicious hog roast. Bikes and food, what’s not to love?

Anarchy Games (6p - 10p @Camp Zero)
After climbing hills and getting a bite to eat, perhaps you wanna settle in and catch a show as the sun dips. The Anarchy Games has bikers roll off a keg, race slowly, twist off the line, and catch some air.

The Anarchy Games

August 7th

Gambler Mini Bike 100 (11a - 6p @Camp Zero)
Got a mini bike? Come join us on a 100-mile run that has you rolling through curves and flying high from hills. Keep an eye out for us out there; we’ll be riding our own branded mini bike!

August 8th

Gambler 500 Hooptie Huck (12p @ Buffalo Chip CrossRoads)
If you’ve made it to the final day of activities, why not check out monster rides sail off mounds of dirt in an attempt to land some crazy jumps? The Gambler guys once again lead the charge, so you know this is one to watch!

If none of those events excited you, we feel sorry for you and you should probably find somewhere else to camp. For everyone else, there’s still so much more to see! During your free time, be sure to check out the Crossroads Free Music and Events at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads. Give the garage a look around for something your bike’s missing or stop by the Big Engine Bar for some suds and bands playing free music. From August 3rd through the 9th, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys presents the 2019 Motorcycles As Art Exhibit, “What’s the Skinny” at the Buffalo Chip Events Center. Check out some of the inspired works created for the lightest and leanest machines on two wheels!

Now that you know what’s on the itinerary, what are you waiting for? Get on down and reserve a spot at Camp Zero! Don’t forget, this campground is totally independent of the Buffalo Chip Campgrounds; that doesn’t mean you should skip out on those events either! Tell us what you’re most excited about in the comments!

Off to the races at Camp Zero