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August 21, 2019

Sturgis is now in our rearview mirrors, but what a week it was! Sena was all over the place promoting our line of bike communication systems and Bluetooth action cameras. We wanted to be in the middle of the action, participating with other bikers in the antics and activities that the town offered during the week. We showed what the brand Sena meant when it comes to mobile communication. And on that note, we’d like to say that it was a great success interacting with everyone. The following details our activities around Sturgis:

Camp Zero

The one thing we’ll say about Camp Zero is this: it was one wild and crazy ride! Our lounge area was a huge hit with bikers wanting to kick back and enjoy a cold one in their downtime and we saw various others recording their shenanigans on the campgrounds with their 10C Pro. Check the videos and a few of the pics in the galleries below for some of the debauchery!

Bell Brawl

A few of the riders were sporting Sena headsets on the course! Check out the video below for a view of some of the crazy stunts the riders pulled on their v-twins!

Sportster Showdown at Camp Zero

The Sportster enthusiasts were out in full force at Camp Zero! The Sportster has been one of Harley-Davidson mainstays in its model lineup due to its reliability, diversity, and ease of use (with even some of us getting our start on one!). Check out some of the creative design choices builders made on their ol’ reliable to create an artistic masterpiece!

RSD Superhooligan Race at Buffalo Chip

The Hooligans at the Buffalo Chip were packing the 10C Pro and the soon-to-be-released 10C EVO to capture the action on the dirt track. Watch as they race around the track and trash-talk to one another, as any good superhooligan would!

Law Tigers Activation

Our co-sponsored booth with Law Tigers at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum was a hit with many riders. We want to extend our thanks to all those who participated in the giveaway and to Law Tigers for joining forces with us at Sturgis!

Long View of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum 10C EVO at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Sena x Law Tigers Pop-Up Motorcycles next to the Pop-Up Sena x Law Tigers Giveaway

Don’t Forget to #RideConnected

Throughout Sturgis, we spotted people coming into town with their Sena 30K, 20S EVO, 10C Pro, and more, usually in pairs or groups utilizing their motorcycle Bluetooth communication systems to talk to each other. We’re happy to see riders embrace the concept of sticking together and sharing good times on the open road. Though Sturgis is done for this year, we’re looking forward to next year where we can share more about our riding experiences and our interactions with you!

Riding into Sturgis

10C Pro on Helmet

The Sportster Showdown

Two Women and a Dog Riding

Mini-bike action on the dirt

10C Pro for a Ride

Sena-branded Motorcycle

Sena at Camp Zero

Sena-Branded Helmet
Fist Bump on the Road

Revving the Bike
Photo by Benjamin Altenes

V-Twin Wheelie
Photo by Benjamin Altenes

Bell Brawl in the Rain
Photo by Benjamin Altenes

Bell Brawl Winners
Photo by Benjamin Altenes