Smart Intercom Pairing: Scan & Go!

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Smart Intercom Pairing: Scan & Go!

March 12, 2021


You may have noticed a new icon on your Sena Bluetooth device’s app labeled “Smart Intercom Pairing” (SIP) and thought, “That sounds cool, but what does it do?”. The answer is that SIP makes pairing with other Sena Outdoor Bluetooth devices much easier and is designed to improve your overall experience. Last year, Sena announced Smart Intercom Pairing for over 60 motorcycle products, and now we are highlighting SIP for 10 outdoor products.

Let’s take a look at how Smart Intercom Pairing (SIP) can make pairing Sena Outdoor products as easy as scanning a QR code. Here is how to use the SIP feature on your connected Sena apps so that you can hit the trails and #RideConnected with ease and precision. 

Scan & Go!

How to use Sena's Smart Intercom Pairing feature

With the latest update, you can easily pair your headset to your friend’s headset by scanning a QR code from their smartphone.

 Step 1
Open the Sena mobile app for you and your friend’s device and select Smart Intercom Pairing from the home screen

Step 2
To pair devices, just scan your friend's QR code generated from the SIP section in their Sena app

Step 3
Connect your Sena devices
Step 4

Benefits of Smart Intercom Pairing

The new SIP feature dramatically simplifies the communication setup for supported Bluetooth intercom devices. By using your smartphone and the Sena app to pair all the devices automatically and store the order, the process of pairing for group intercom becomes much more streamlined.

Check out your connections

Another nice feature included in SIP is the ability to pair with your friend's intercom device even when the Sena unit is turned off. The very next time you turn on your Sena device, the mobile App will beam the connection information and save it for automatic pairing.

With SIP, you can connect to friends with the ease of scanning a QR code, store and sort paired devices, and simplify your Bluetooth communication experience. Time to get out there and ride!

Device Compatibility List for Smart Intercom Pairing*

Products compatible with SIP

Devices compatible with SIP

Download Sena Apps

  Sena Outdoor App Sena Utility App  

*Latitude SR, Latitude SX, and X1S are available in North American markets only.