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October 17, 2016

The Bike Religion team of Dana Point, California enjoying the Sena Smart Cycling Helmet  

The Best Smart Bike Accessory

Sena Bluetooth is releasing a game-changing Bluetooth cycling helmet that will enhance and improve the riding experience of cyclists all over the world. Whether you’re riding for leisure or training for the next tour the Sena smart cycling helmet is the perfect tool to enhance any ride. With a multitude of high tech features, the helmet will be nothing short of revolutionary. Equipped with WiFi, a QHD camera, and a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system, the helmet offers every feature cyclists need from start to finish. This helmet is truly one of the best smart bike accessories on the market.

Built-In Communication

Sena Bluetooth is an industry leading provider of Bluetooth communication for the motorcycle and powersports industries and was thrilled to make its way into a new market with a cycling Bluetooth headset. With nearly 2 decades of expertise Sena saw a unique opportunity to bring their top of the line Bluetooth technology to the cycling industry. The smart cycling helmet, fully integrated with Sena Bluetooth’s communication system, allowing cyclists to listen to music from their smartphone, take phone calls, and communicate with up to three riding companions, and much more!

The Perfect Training Tool

The Sena smart helmet comes equipped with best Bluetooth headset for cycling. Take your cycling training to the next level with features that are sure to improve your ride. Hands-free control of the helmet allows the user to focus more on their ride. Listen to cues such as heart rate, cadence, and speed through your smartphone. These features allow users to analyze their performance and more efficiently develop their skills.

QHD Video Recording

Whether you want to capture the beautiful scenery around you or the high speed thrills of your latest decent capturing video with the Sena smart helmet is simple. Sena is one of the first to create cycling helmet with camera functionality built into the exterior of the helmet. Built directly into the helmet, the QHD cycling helmet camera allows the user to relive, share, and analyze every ride. Operating the camera is simple, with 2 button functionality to easily control which videos or photos you are capturing. With the WiFi capability of the helmet, you are also able to immediately preview photos and videos on your smartphone straight from your cycling action camera.


Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance to Sena Bluetooth. This extremely lightweight helmet does not cut any corners when it comes to keeping the cyclist protected throughout their ride. In addition to the diverse functionality of the smart helmet, it will also protect the cyclist to the fullest degree throughout any ride. Cyclists will be able to push their ride to the limit without sacrificing safety. The Sena Smart Helmet for Cycling is the most technologically advanced cycling accessory on the market. Whether you’re analyzing training metrics in preparation for your next race, recording video footage of your scenic ride through some back roads, or simply snapping some photos on your commute to work, the Smart Cycling Helmet is the 21st century accessory you need. Shop for the Smart Helmet for cycling or check out our other Motorcycle & Powersports Smart Helmet and Helmet accessories today!