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November 27, 2019

Happy Holidays! Everyone here at Sena loves this time of year because we know that it means so much for so many. The joy of the season truly shines when friends and families are able to connect with each other. After the presents are unwrapped, the meals are eaten, and all the songs are sung, it’s the warmth of those personal connections that continue to feed our souls.

So, to help spread the Gift of Connection, we’ve put together some suggestions and comparisons for any of you who may have motorcycle, UTV, or bicycle riders on your shopping lists! We hope this helps to spur some ideas and most of all, we hope that we’re able to play a small part in bringing people together throughout the year. #RideConnected


The Riders: A Brief Look at the Gifts

Content Creator: Momentum Pro UTV/ATV Riders: SF4 Cafe Rider: Savage
Motovlogger: 10C EVO Bicyclists: R1 Sportriders: SFR
Touring Rider: 10C Pro Motocross Parent: Tufftalk Rider to Rider: SF2
Offroad: 10R Construction: Tufftalk Lite Rider to Passenger: SF1
Sport Bike Groups: Momentum EVO Adventure Riders: 30K Cruiser: Cavalry

Stocking Stuffers!

Plus Mesh Adaptor Phone Charger - PowerPro Mount Action Camera - Prism Tube WiFi

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Comparison Charts

Product Comparison Chart - Smart Helmets

Product Comparison Chart - Camera Systems

Product Comparison Chart - Communication Systems

Smart Helmets

Sena's smart helmets come equipped with a Bluetooth intercom system, letting you communicate with other riders on the road. You can also connect to your smartphone to hear your music or take phone calls.

Sport Bike Groups: Momentum EVO

For the rider who likes to speak with everyone on the road, why not a full-face helmet that comes with an integrated intercom system? The Momentum EVO allows for a simple connection to a virtually limitless number of riders. Mesh Intercom makes it easy for the groups to catch up with each other thanks to seamless communications. If the motorcyclist in your life enjoys large group rides, the Momentum EVO makes for a great gift.

Sena Momentum EVO Bluetooth Helmet with Mesh Intercom Technology

Sena Savage Helmet

Cafe Riders: Savage

If the rider enjoys weekends carving canyons on their vintage or modern classic bike, the Bluetooth-integrated Sena Savage is the right choice. As one rider put it, "I like how everything is integrated so the helmet still looks a bit retro." Feel the wind and simplicity of the environment while listening to your favorite playlist through the Savage’s integrated speakers. And if you happen to ride with others, you can connect via intercom.

Cruiser: Cavalry

For the rider who prefers a half-helmet, but with some added perks. The Bluetooth-integrated Cavalry features built-in speakers and microphone, eliminating the need for a large boom mic in your face. Riders can communicate with 3 others via Bluetooth intercom or pair a smartphone to stream music, take calls, or hear GPS directions. For the biker in your life who wants a streamlined look, pick up a Cavalry for them!

Sena Cavalry Half Helmet

Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet

Bicyclists: R1

Cyclists can use the R1’s integrated Bluetooth intercom to communicate with one another. The R1 allows users to easily hear cues from fitness apps–such as speed, cadence, and heart rate–without having to take their hands off the handlebars. The R1 is a great gift for cyclists, whether they're competitive cyclists or just got their first electric bike for weekend rides. Packed with features, the R1 is sure to wow any bicycle enthusiast.

Camera Systems

A Bluetooth action camera is a great tool for adventure seekers, as it captures exciting moments out in the open and allows riders to share their experiences with others. Cameras are also appreciated for their service as a dashcam, adding an element of safety to a ride. Sena offers the only products on the market that offer both camera and communication functionality packed into one device.

Motovloggers: 10C EVO

Motovloggers will appreciate the all-in-one 10C EVO. With it’s combined Bluetooth intercom system and 4K action camera, users can share their riding stories on social media with their friends thanks to WiFi capabilities. Easily preview footage with the Sena Camera App and download the files straight to your phone.

Sena 10C EVO

10C Pro Camera and Bluetooth Headset

Touring Riders: 10C Pro

The 10C Pro is the perfect multitasking device for the on-the-go touring rider in your life. The 10C Pro is easily mounted to almost any motorcycle helmet. Users can start recording with the simple tap of a button. They can also start conversations with other riders thanks to a 4-Way Bluetooth Intercom system.

Content Creators: Momentum Pro

For the rider who likes as much integrated tech in their helmet as possible, there’s the Momentum Pro. The simplicity of having a camera built directly into the helmet makes it nearly impossible to miss the action along the ride. One tap of the camera button and the user will be recording their journey. The Momentum Pro is the perfect gift for the motorcyclist in your life that is passionate about capturing and sharing their ride with others, as well as having a camera always ready for added safety.

Momentum Pro Full-Face Helmet

Communication Systems

Sena is well known for Bluetooth intercom systems which feature, at a minimum, two-person connections and smartphone connectivity. Each model benefits the rider allowing them to take phone calls and listen to their music and GPS directions on the go. 

30K Mesh Intercom

Adventure Riders: 30K

From moto-camping with long-term riding buddies to taking new members of the group under their wing, veteran riders enjoy sharing the ride with others. Safety is also a big priority for them; they understand riding with a communication headset is key in keeping the group together and making sure everyone is safe. The 30K allows large adventuring groups to link up quickly so they can all talk together on the ride.

Offroad Riders: 10R

Ultra-slim yet high performance. The 10R lets you stay connected with little interference. The offroad rider appreciates its smaller profile, yet the fact that it can keep them connected when the track or trail gets gnarly is a boon for them. For the rider who wants to stay connected but with little distractions, the 10R is the right choice.


Sena 10R

SF1 Simple Bluetooth Device

Rider & Passenger Communication: SF1

The SF1 gives couples who love sharing the adventures of the road together an easy way to communicate. Rider-to-passenger communication thanks to a Bluetooth intercom makes it easy to speak with one another. If you know a couple who likes to see new places and #RIDECONNECTED, the SF1 is the perfect gift choice.

Rider-to-Rider Communication: SF2

Riding with your best friend just got better. The Sena SF2 Bluetooth intercom system makes for easy bike-to-bike communication. The 2-way intercom system allows the two riders to easily communicate with each other without distractions. The HD Speakers offer clear audio even in high wind environments.

Sena SF2 Rider to Rider

SF4 Bluetooth Communication for Small Groups

UTV/ATV Riders: SF4

For the UTV and ATV pilots on rugged terrain, the SF4 can’t be beat. The 4-way Bluetooth intercom keeps a small group connected out in the dunes. Users can enjoy their music through the included HD speakers while keeping their intercom active, so they can communicate with their fellow riders.

Sportriders: SFR

Sportriders appreciate the low-profile Sena SFR for its slim form and easy use. It’s highly appreciated by small groups who take to city streets and want to crack jokes over the 4-way intercom system. It also serves the solo rider well thanks to its smartphone connectivity, letting one listen to music and navigation.

SFR Low profile motorcycle bluetooth communication system

Tufftalk Bluetooth Headset

Motocross Parents: Tufftalk

For the motocross dads and moms out there, the Tufftalk is a rugged headset that keeps everyone connected. It provides instant feedback to the kids while keeping the parent’s hearing clear of any obstructions. Tufftalk easily pairs with other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as the SF4, making them valuable training tools.

Construction Workers: Tufftalk Lite

Construction sites, warehouses, and factory workers need to have open channels of communication, free of distracting noises and clear directions. The Tufftalk Lite allows up to four team members to communicate with one another clearly thanks to HD-quality speakers and noise protection. They can be worn as a headset or integrated into a hard-hat helmet for both sound and head protection!

Tufftalk Lite Hardhat Edition

Stocking Stuffers

Does the rider have one of the previously mentioned items? Then try one of these stocking stuffers instead!

+Mesh Sena Bluetooth to Mesh Intercom Adapter

Mesh for All: +Mesh

Perhaps you know of a friend wants to speak with his riding buddies but those friends have all upgraded to a Mesh Intercom headset. If so, then the +Mesh is a handy stocking stuffer; it allows Sena headsets that are not Mesh standard to enter into a Mesh intercom field. Now there won’t be any disconnections!

Phone Charger: PowerPro Mount

Let’s face it: no one really likes to carry their phone in their pocket. Likewise, no one likes it when their phone’s battery is about to die after a long trip in blasting their music. The PowerPro Mount deals with these issues, positioning your phone on your handlebars and keeping it charged on the go. 

PowerPro Mount

Sena Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera

Action Camera: Prism Tube WiFi

For the avid adventurer and globe trotter, the Prism Tube WiFi is a great portable action camera. It’s easy to instantly capture photos and videos from travels. Just the same, it’s easy to share such footage thanks to WiFi capabilities. The Prism Tube WiFi is a great action camera for any motorcyclist, but it can also be attached to cycling helmets to capture their adventures.

Now That You’ve Got an Idea, What are you Planning On?

These are just some of our suggestions. Feel free to share this list with family and friends, especially if you’d like one of these as your own gift. Of course, we have many more products on hand suited to other tastes, so take a look at our website!


Holidays with Sena's 30K, 10C EVO, and R1
Happy Holidays! #RideConnected