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March 19, 2019

The latest episode in our series, Ride Connected Stories, features Mark and Marion, a couple that met through a group of motorcycle friends back in the 70’s and reconnected many years later after living most of their adult lives on different continents.

Mark Baker is an avid motorcyclist, who got his first bike back in 1973. Several times a week him and his fellow leather jacket-clad motorcycle enthusiasts hopped on their bikes and gathered on the streets just outside of London. They shared stories, explored new places on the road, and together shared a great passion for the sport of motorcycles. Mark made incredible lifelong friendships from this group of riders, including a young woman named Marion.

Mark on his old bike

Mark and Marion connected through their mutual love of motorcycles. The 2 were inseparable back when they were first brought together, but time and Mark’s big move across the pond separated them for quite some time. Mark and Marion lived much of their adult life apart until they were reunited some time down the road.

After Mark made many motorcycle trips back to the UK, touring all of Europe, the pair was finally able to reconnect. Now that Mark lives in the US, and Marion in the UK their time together is even more special. They are currently splitting their time between the two countries and are in talks eventually settling down together again, either in The US or back in Europe. Motorcycles have the power to bring people together, and even reconnect them many years down the road.

Mark sharing a picture of Marion

Today Mark and Marion spend much of their time on rides together, enjoying the freedom of motorcycles, talking over their Sena 30Ks and sharing the adventure. Although Marion knows how to pilot her own motorcycle, has always found herself more at home on the back of Mark’s bike. For Mark and Marion’s full story click here.

Mark and Marion reuniting

Stay tuned for even more to come in our Ride Connected Stories series.