Life is About the Journey with Indian Motorcycles & Sena 10R Bluetooth Headset

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Life is About the Journey with Indian Motorcycles & Sena 10R Bluetooth Headset

May 11, 2020

Imagine yourself in the middle of New Mexico with three other riders, a brand new Indian® bike of your choice, and one of the lowest profile Bluetooth® headsets in the world. You’ve got three days and however many miles you want to make this journey count. That’s where stunt rider, Jolene Van Vugt; actor, Lee Dawn Hershey; rodeo rider, Ash Loveless; and artist, Darwin Longfellow recently found themselves when they met in the deserts of New Mexico.

Helmet with Sena 10r Bluetooth Headset 
These women started out on the road as strangers and ended their itinerary as friends. Along the winding Salt Flats roads, where their story takes place, they would need to stop to get gas, stop to eat, and stop to check out tiny little towns in the midst of nowhere.

Journey with Sena 10r Bluetooth

Throughout the trip, the four women used their Sena 10R Bluetooth® Headsets to connect with each other. They talked, shared playlists, bonded through jokes, and helped each other find pieces of themselves they never knew existed. It was a next-level soul searching expedition with crystal clear comms to boot.

“We traded miles for memories. We lost ourselves but found much more.” – Lee Dawn Hershey

Read more about their experience over at Iron & Air Magazine.

Ride with Sena 10r Bluetooth Headset

The Sena 10R Bluetooth® Headset gives you license to trek off the beaten path without losing your way. It allows riders to listen and share music, communicate, get GPS directions, and it does it all with outstanding clarity.

The ultra-low-profile design makes the Sena 10R Bluetooth® Headset feel like it was made to fit the contours of any helmet, Advanced Noise Control™ diminishes background noise for incoming and outgoing audio, and the Universal Intercom™ makes the 10R compatible with most non-Sena Bluetooth® communication systems.

The right gear defines the journey. Make it count.