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February 11, 2019

Your Sena headset connects you to your phone, other riders, your bike, your GPS and so on, but what it truly means to #RideConnected is much more. Beyond the technological connections, Sena provides the tools to connect you to other riders, communities, and places. Moments shared on the road are what this is all about. Sena’s Ride Connected Stories will take a look beneath the helmet and get to know riders and hear their personal stories of connection.

The new series on our YouTube channel, Ride Connected Stories, takes a look at the human connections in the motorcycle community, the stories of passion, adventure and love for motorcycles. We are proud to help you ride connected, and we are now proud to share stories of individuals and connectedness in the motorcycle community.

Episode 1: Art and Motorcycles

We’re kicking off the Ride Connected Stories with Nicole Andrijauskas, an avid motorcyclist, traveler, and artist. Nicole has moved over 30 times in her life, yet has always found consistency in her love for art and motorcycles. No matter where life takes her, the motorcycle community will always feel like home. Nicole currently lives in San Diego, California painting anything from motorcycle tanks to helmets. Nicole's art has been on display at several motorcycle shows including Chopperfest and the Women's Motorcycle Show.

Ride Connected Series - Episode 1 - Red Flower Ride Connected Series - Episode 1 - Snake Helmet Ride Connected Series - Episode 1 - Tiger Helmet Ride Connected Series - Episode 1 - Helmet Flower Ride Connected Series - Episode 1 - Snake Art

“Making art and riding motorcycles is my bliss.”

Nicole painted our Savage Bluetooth integrated open-face helmet with art inspired by the California desert, which is one of her favorite places to ride. Head to our YouTube Channel for the full video to hear the rest of Nicole’s inspiring story of her passion for art and motorcycles. We will also be giving away 3 Sena Savage helmets, be sure to check the video out!