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April 16, 2017


MotoVlogging Tips

Considering starting a motovlog? First and foremost when considering starting a motovlog you must be an experienced rider. Motovlogging essentially consists of talking and recording your ride and editing it to be entertaining to viewers afterward. This required a bit of extra focus and we do not recommend anyone to start motovlogging without having had plenty of experience on their bike.

Have a clear purpose for each video

Where are you riding in today’s video? What’s the video’s purpose? Make sure your video has a specific purpose, otherwise it can become boring to the viewer. Maintaining the viewer's interest will keep them coming back to your channel and even subscribing to your motovlog channel. Building a subscriber base is pivotal in the success of your channel. You have to reach YouTube’s threshold of subscribers before being able to customize your channel’s URL and that step will be huge in building your brand.

Be yourself

Don’t try to fit the mold of every other motovlogger, there are many different personalities in the motovlogging world and their personality is what shows through and makes each of them unique. Many of the top motovloggers and some of our favorites are the most ridiculous people with absolutely no filter and that’s what makes us continue to watch. In addition to being yourself on camera, be sure to come up with a unique and memorable name for your channel.

Be spontaneous

Capturing unexpected things on film will provide the most entertaining content, viewers love spontaneity and to feel as if they were along for the ride with you. Your viewers should never know what’s coming when you upload a new video. Keep it fresh and always try to keep your content as light as possible. At the end of the day, YouTube is a source of entertainment and viewers are looking for a good laugh.

Don’t forget about Video Descriptions

The video description box is an excellent tool to use to your advantage. This is where you can optimize the text so that people searching the web can easily find your video. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible and say exactly what your particular video contains. People also love to know what gear you use in each video, many popular motovloggers include a ‘gear used’ section in the description of every video. Be consistent throughout your channel, have a template that you use for your video descriptions and stick to it for each video. Consistency is another huge part of building your brand. Be sure to include your other social media handles in your description such as Instagram and Facebook so your subscribers can easily find and follow them. See an example video description below:


MotoVlogging Setup

As a brand new motovlogger many things will be learned through trial and error. We do not suggest buying top of the line gear during your first go at motovlogging. Sena has a good range of cameras and Bluetooth communicators that make for the ideal setup for beginning motovloggers.

The Gear you’ll need to get started

Cameras: For anyone starting out as a motovlogger Sena’s range of cameras are the perfect starting point. With a price that can’t be beat, great quality, and their user friendly design any Sena camera is the perfect riding companion. A camera is essentially the most important part of your motovlog setup see the cameras we offer below.

  • Prism - The Prism is our original motovlog camera it’s sleek and fits perfectly on your helmet or almost anywhere on your bike. It pairs straight to your Sena headset and is super simple to use.

  • Prism Tube - The Prism Tube was released after the original Prism action camera and is packed with the same functionality but has a much slimmer form factor. It’s unique shape is part of what makes the Prism Tube the best camera for motovlogging.

  • 10C Pro - The 10C Pro is the best of both worlds, the perfect motovlogging camera and Bluetooth headset wrapped into one unit. The 10C Pro is the perfect Bluetooth communicator to deliver seamless audio and video with the push of a button.

  • 10C Evo - The 10C Evo will be the new and improved version of the 10C, it has not been released yet but will definitely be worth the wait.
Bluetooth Headsets: Sena offers a wide range of Bluetooth integrated headsets that pair directly with all Sena Prism action cameras. Seamlessly capture audio and video with Sena devices such as the 20S Evo, 10S, and the 10R. Instead of hassling with a motovlog mic Sena offers all in one Bluetooth solutions for recording your ride. (Order of headsets photographed below: 10C, 20S, 10S, 10R)

Mounts: Whether it’s for your secondary camera or for your phone you’re going to need some good mounts to keep all of your gear in place while riding. Our favorite phone mount is by the brand RAM, it fits basically every type of handlebar and securely holds your phone in place. As fat as camera mounts go the Prism comes with quite a few mounts to place it either on your helmet or almost anywhere on your bike.



Enjoy Yourself

All of our favorite motovloggers started their YouTube channels as a fun hobby. The number one goal of creating a motovlog should be a creative outlet meant to document your rad riding adventures and just have fun. We wish you the best of luck in your new adventures as a motovlogger! Check out Sena's YouTube Channel to see what our videos are all about. Thanks for reading along, see you all in our next blog post.