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January 18, 2017

Wondering which motorcycle apps you should be using in 2017? We’ve rounded up the best motorcycle apps for your iPhone (iOS) or Android Smartphone that you won't want to be riding without this year. From weather apps to motorcycle safety applications, this list of motorcycle specific smartphone apps is sure to improve your riding experience.



At Sena our sole purpose is to provide communication solutions to riders everywhere. We offer a variety of communication products to simplify your ride and make communicating a breeze when you need it the most. Motorcyclists can face a lot of challenges on the road and communication shouldn't have to be one of them. The following smartphone application is a solution designed specifically for Sena users. RideConnected App Sena has built its brand around a simple phrase, #RideConnected. They have been successfully connecting motorcycle riders, dirt bike riders, skiers, snowboarders, skydivers, and many more adventure seekers for years, and are now taking connectivity to the extreme with the RideConnected motorcycle communication app for iPhone and Android. No longer are riders limited by range or the number of riders in which they are able to connect to. Through cellular data, riders may now connect with each other anywhere in the world. Create riding teams and communicate like never before with the RideConnected App. Learn more in the video below. The RideConnected App is one of the best motorcycle apps for iPhone and Android.


We know we speak for most riders when we say, safety is of utmost importance. The following app goes the extra mile in assuring that you are as safe as you can possibly be while riding. In addition to your gear and riding smart, the following app will have your back in sticky riding situations. Crashlight Crashlight is a cutting edge smartphone application that was developed specifically to improve upon the safety of motorcycle riders. In the event of an accident, Crashlight will automatically alert 3 preset contacts of the accident and notify them of your location. Using technology in your smartphone the application intelligently detects when a crash occurs. Crashlight is an in-app purchase of the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app  

Road Assistance

There are a variety of smartphone applications available for both iOS and Android that can drastically improve your ride. From weather to fuel trackers the following apps will better prepare you for your time out on the road.

Waze:  Waze is the one stop shop for all things traffic and GPS navigation. This app is unique in that it is a community of riders and drivers who are frequently updating the app with the latest road conditions. Waze provides alerts to anything from vehicles stopped on the shoulder, to major traffic accidents. The App will also reroute you to the fastest and most efficient route when there is traffic or an accident.

FuelLog: FuelLog is an app that conveniently keeps track of exactly how much fuel you have consumed on your ride. The app automatically calculates miles per gallon, and even how much you are spending on your gas per month and even per year.

Dark Sky: This real-time weather App uses only government sourced radar information to provide the most accurate and up to the minute weather forecasts. Getting caught in a storm does not make for the ideal ride, so stay up to date with Dark Sky! (Available for iOS only)

Best Biking Roads: When traveling to areas you are unfamiliar with, this application will help you track down the best places to ride. This app was created by riders, for riders, and is sure to help you find some killer places to take your bike for a spin.

SpeakerBoostOne of the best motorcycle apps for Android only is SpeakerBoost. The app controls how loud you will hear the audio from your phone through the speakers in your helmet. We suggest only boosting the sound slightly because there is a chance of the speakers blowing out. This Android motorcycle app helps when riding at high speeds when you need your volume to be a tad louder than the phone allows.

These applications will simplify many aspects of your ride, from planning routes to staying on top of weather conditions. We do not condone the use of any apps while riding. Stay safe, and map out your ride beforehand and use voice commands on your Sena device to stay in control of your music, GPS, and phone calls. Sena offers solutions for every rider and will have many products and services to come in the future. Thanks for reading along and we’ll see you in our next post!