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July 31, 2017

Looking for the coolest outdoor gadgets and Bluetooth accessories for your Summer adventures? View 2017's best outdoor headsets and camping gear at Sena. From ATV adventures or kayaking all the way to skydiving, Sena has got your outdoor adventures covered. Communicating in various outdoor sports is important especially in high risk sports such as rock climbing or extreme mountain bike riding. Being able to keep your friends in the loop via Bluetooth communication comes in handy when you’re in the thick of the action. Rather than shouting or using hand signals, Sena list of best outdoor gadgets offers instant communication in any situation. And synching your voice to video with Sena’s range of Bluetooth action cameras makes for awesome memories of your summer fun. Read on to learn about the coolest gadgets for your summer excursion.

Outdoor Communication Devices

Sena Expand

Topping the list of Sena’s must have outdoor gadgets is the Expand. The Expand is a water resistant Bluetooth headset designed for a stable fit for any outdoor activity setting you might want to use it in. Talk from headset to headset or pair the Expand with your smartphone to take calls or listen to music. Advanced Noise Control™ ensures noisy outside environments won’t interfere with use, and each audio source has its own volume level, which you can set to your preference.

The Sena Expand

Sena SPH10

The Sena SPH10 offers extreme versatility for just about any outdoor sporting activity. The device sits comfortably over the ears with a barely there microphone for simple and hands free communication. Connect with up to 3 other friends at a range of up to 900 meters. The versatile Jog Dial and large buttons on the boom mic make it easy to control all the functions and settings of the SPH10—even while you’re climbing, riding, or hiking.


Sena X1 Cycling helmet

Next on our list of new outdoor gadgets is the X1 Cycling Helmet. The X1 takes Sena’s world renowned communication technology and packs it into one sleek, safe and cutting-edge cycling helmet. The X1 allows for seamless smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1 to listen to music, GPS navigation, make and answer phone calls, and even receive data from fitness apps through the built in HD quality speakers. Perfect for the cosmopolitan cyclist in your life, the X1 is equipped with built-in FM radio and a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system, allowing intercom with up to three other riders over a half mile distance.

The Sena X1 Cycling Helmet

Outdoor Action Cameras and Other Accessories

Sena Prism

The best part about Sena’s action cameras is their ability to pair to Sena headsets for seamless audio and video. The Prism Action Camera is the ideal wireless recording hub with 1080p FHD video recording with 5 MP still shot image capture and a variety of other video modes (1080p:30fps, 720p:30/60fps, 480p:up to 120fps) and photo modes (shot, time-lapse, and burst) it’s the only tool you’ll ever need to properly capture all of your outdoor adventures.

The Sena Prism Action Camera

Sena Prism Tube

The Prism Tube was designed with a sleek form factor in a unique tube shape so that it can be easily affixed to almost any surface, such as a helmet or the handlebars of your mountain bike. The Prism Tube tops any list of cool outdoor gadgets.

Sena Powerbank

Keep all of your adventures powered the whole way through with this useful outdoor gadget! The Sena Powerbank is a portable battery pack that stores the juice needed to keep the fun going all day long. The Powerbank comes with a coiled charging cord and is capable of charging any 5V input USB-charged device, including all Sena headsets and cameras as well as most smartphones. The battery pack can be fully charged and ready-to-go in four hours.   Communication is key to getting the most out of your outdoor activities. Cheers to an adventure filled summer, thanks for reading along and we hope to see you back for our next post. Learn more about the rest of Sena's awesome outdoor sport product lineup here.