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June 15, 2017

After a long winter, warm summer months are finally here, which means it’s officially riding season. Summer days are perfect to hop on the bike and let the breeze take you away. We are ready for some much needed road trips and in this installment of the blog we are going to break down all of the best motorcycle touring gear to make your ride even better.


Having the right motorcycle touring accessories can easily take your ride to the next level. Since we are a little partial to Bluetooth tech for motorcycles, we will start there with the best Bluetooth communication tools for motorcycle touring, starting with the top-of-the-line 20S.

Bluetooth Communication Devices

20S - The 20S Bluetooth Communication System does it all. Connect with up to 8 other riders up to 1.2 miles away, listen and share your music, take and make phone calls, and even listen to GPS navigation. The 20S has been a favorite for touring motorcycle riders for years and will surely enhance your riding experience.


FreeWire - If you are planning on taking your motorcycle trip on a Honda Gold Wing or Harley Davidson Touring bike FreeWire is the perfect companion. The device offers wireless connectivity to your bike’s CB Radio. Finally riders are able to cut the cord! FreeWire and the 20S make the perfect pair, especially riding long distances.

Cavalry - Don’t want to bother with installing a headset? The Cavalry Bluetooth Half-helmet comes pre-wired and ready to ride. Cavalry is the first-ever half helmet with a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system. Connect with up to 4 other riders with a half-mile working range. Sena’s Advanced Noise Control™ technology ingeniously filters out wind noise allowing you to make high quality phone calls even at high speeds.

Video Camera Systems

Prism Tube - What’s an adventure if you can’t share it with your friends? In addition to communication, having an action camera is a motorcycle touring essential. The Prism Tube is a sleek motorcycle action camera with an impossibly small form factor allowing riders to mount it easily onto their helmet or even the body of their bike. Capture your ride and let the memories last a lifetime.

Equipment & Accessories You Really Need

Summer Ready Gloves - One of our favorites are the Revit Summit 2 H20 Gloves, they’re perfect for riding long distance during the summer months. They are waterproof in case of an unexpected storm, and even have touch screen friendly fingertips so you can adjust your GPS effortlessly while on the road without having to remove a glove.

Motorcycle Cover - Will vary depending on what bike you have. It’s great to cover up your bike overnight so it doesn't get dew on the seat and handlebars before another long riding day. If you are not sure whether the hotels you will be staying at have parking structures or covered parking areas definitely pack a cover for your bike.

Tool Set - Always always have basic tools in case something needs adjusting on your ride. This is one of the motorcycle touring essentials you should never leave home without, especially if you are on a cross country trip it’s always good to have what you need in case anything needs to be tightened or adjusted.

Powerbank - Keep your phone, GPS, and Bluetooth communicator charged all day long with one of our handy Powerbank portable battery packs. It’s always good to have a backup charge on lengthy rides and trips. Supports any 5V input USB-charged device

Extra Bike Storage - Tour Master Cruiser III Tour Trunk Bag - Transporting your gear has never been easier. Perfect for storing those extra items that you can’t quite fit into your trunk or other existing luggage. This bag is the complete package, it comes with a rain cover and a shoulder strap so you can easily take it into your hotel after a long day of riding.

Thanks for checking out our latest list of the best motorcycle touring gear list! We hope you enjoyed this read and will see you all in our next post. Check out more of Sena Bluetooth's product line here.