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October 16, 2017

The rainy season is upon us, so there’s no better time than now to gear up! View Sena’s list of the best-rated motorcycle rain gear for keeping you dry.

Photo courtesy of Ride Must Go On

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are definitely dropping, fall is here. In our last blog on the top motorcycle hacks we gave a few tips on how to stay dry in a pinch, this time we will ensure that you are more prepared for riding in the rain and even snow with the proper gear. Your riding doesn't have to come to an end just because fall and winter are here, so long as you’ve got the proper gear. Motorcycle weather gear is specifically designed for riders for a reason. The rainy season is here, and who doesn't love an excuse to buy new moto gear? Staying dry is important especially on longer rides through the rain. Read along to discover Sena’s top picks for warmer and weather resistant riding gear. Time to gear up for fall and winter with the best Motorcycle Rain Gear!

Coats and Jackets

AGV Sport Sniper Jacket: Our first pick on our list of best motorcycle rain gear is the AGV Sport Sniper Jacket this particular jacket is a versatile sport or sport touring jacket with a comfortable fit. At under $200 this AGV jacket is the most bang for your buck.  


REV’IT Vapor Jacket: Next on our list is the REV’IT! Vapor Jacket. This sport touring jacket is a bit more pricey coming in at just over $400. This jacket features a unique ventilation system that is completely waterproof when zipped.  


KLIM Keweenaw Parka: This KLIM jacket falls into the same price range of the last and is definitely a great investment if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on your bike in the cold, rainy, even snowy months. We think this is one of the best looking heavy duty motorcycle raincoats on the market.  


Bilt Whirlwind Rain Jacket: For the best value on this list, the durable Bilt Whirlwind Rain Jacket does the job when riding in the rain. This jacket is also easily layerable over your other motogear.



AGV Sport Telluride H20 Vented Pants: These all weather pants by AGV are perfect for riding in the rain. They intelligently keep water out but still allow your perspiration to evaporate from within the pants. The removeable lining allows these pants to also be worn in warmer weather.

Bilt Whirlwind Rain Pants:  Bilt makes the Whirlwind Rain Pant to perfectly compliment their Whirlwind Rain Jacket, mentioned above. These pants are also an extremely good value for a quality moto rain pant. These pants are 100% waterproof and have cargo style pockets with a secure velcro closure.


REV’IT! Acid H20 Rain Pant: The REV’IT! Acid H20 Rain Pants are perfect to keep with you while riding in case of a sudden downpour. These lightweight pants are 100% waterproof and have plenty of reflective areas throughout the pants.



REV’IT! Pacific 2 H20 Rain Suit: REV’IT! makes the list again with the perfect motorcycle rain suit, the Pacific 2 H20 Rain Suit one way you can make sure to stay dry in heavy downpour is in a 100% waterproof one piece rain suit. With the zipper going from the knee to the neck this suit is very easy to get in and out of.



Dainese Corbin D-Dry Gloves: Gloves are extremely important when it comes to rain gear for motorcycle riding, if you've ever had to ride with cold hands you'll understand. The Corbin D-Dry Gloves by Dainese are made of goatskin leather with reinforced palms. These gloves feature Dainese’s Smart Touch feature allowing riders to be able to use the touch screen of their smartphone while still wearing their gloves.

Firstgear Fargo Gloves: These gloves are another ‘bang for your buck’ item to make the list. These waterproof gloves are top rated and will get you through 3 seasons. These gloves also come with a convenient 2 year warranty.



Forma Adventure Boots: The Forma Adventure Boots are the perfect water and weatherproof adventure touring boots. The boots are definitely worth the investment and will last you a few seasons. The forma boots are also on the more comfortable side when it comes to waterproof adventure boots.  


Thanks for reading along with us in this edition of the blog. We’d also like to note that all Sena headsets are water resistant, they can withstand a pretty heavy downpour while riding motorcycles in rain, we just don’t suggest fully submerging your Sena devices! The cold season is coming and it does not mean you can't take your motorcycle in rain, just wear the right gear and you're good to go. See you all in our next blog. For more information on the full Sena product lineup click here.