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August 18, 2017

8 Motorcycle Hacks from Sena

At the Sena office we collectively have A LOT of motorcycles, touring bikes, off road, ADV, even a couple Triumphs. With all of these bikes comes a lot of motorcycle DIY projects or motorcycle life hacks of sorts. Whether we’re rigging a Sena mount onto the handlebars or figuring out a way to attach a camera bag back to the seat of a storage-less Triumph, we’re always coming up with crazy ways to make things work on our bikes. Check out our list of 8 of the best motorcycle gear hacks that will save you time, money, and really just make your life a whole lot easier.



Thought you couldn't take the bike to grab your groceries? Think again... This is our favorite D ring attachment for the bike, it fits seamlessly under the passenger seat so that you can easily attach bungee cords or a bungee net. At a very low price you can add a good amount of storage to just about any bike, this is by far one of the easiest and best motorcycle gear hacks for extra storage.



One thing we always like to keep tucked away in the bike are zip ties. Zip ties are a good quick fix for many issues riders may encounter out on the road. Zip ties are the best fix when in a pinch. Zip ties are the cheap DIY motorcycle accessories you never knew you needed.



In addition to zip ties, keeping a couple trash bags tucked away in the bike isn't a bad idea. This fix is also for an ‘in a pinch’ type situation, such as an unexpected rain storm. Having trash bags is a good idea for covering non waterproof saddlebags, or even tucking one inside of your jacket as an impromptu windbreaker or rain guard. Again, we don’t recommend using a trash bag instead of proper rain gear, it simply comes in handy in the off chance of unexpected storms.



If you are already a Sena user, hopefully you have this next hack down. Sena units are an excellent source of navigation when riding in unfamiliar areas and especially for riding trips. Pair your Sena to your smartphone and fire up your navigation of choice. Turn by turn directions will go straight to your helmet, so that you no longer have to look at the screen of your phone, which is a major distraction while riding. Some of our favorite units for great navigation are the 10S, 10R, and the 20S Evo.



This next hack has definitely made its rounds around the motorcycle community, but it does indeed make life a little easier while riding the bike! We’ve all experienced that one turn signal that just won’t change due to our bike not triggering the sensors. Industrial strength magnets



This is an easy one for our lady riders who most likely have a hair tie on deck at all times while riding. A rubber band or hair elastic can add an extra level of security when parking your bike on a hill, where your bike might roll and have the kickstand slip out. Simply secure the rubber band around the front brake for extra peace of mind.



Here in Southern California we don’t get too many rain storms. That being said, most of us don’t have an abundance of rain gear. Latex gloves are a quick fix to making older gloves, or non-waterproof gloves waterproof. This is not a 100% effective fix, but if you have to ride somewhere in the rain and don’t have the proper gear the extra layer is better than nothing!



Baby wipes are a quick and easy way to clean any of your motorcycle gear, definitely one of the simplest motorcycle cleaning hacks. They are especially helpful for cleaning non removable helmet lining. You can trust baby wipes to clean leather surfaces as well, the wipes even act as a mild conditioner on leather surfaces.

Thanks for reading along, we hope that some of these simple hacks might come in handy. Let us know if you all enjoyed this edition of the blog and we will make another blog detailing even more handy motorcycle hacks! For more information on Sena’s product line click hereSee you all in the next blog.