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February 15, 2017

What are the best, most useful or most exciting motorcycle gadgets? View Sena’s list of the must-have motorcycle technologies for 2017. Here at Sena, we love gadgets for motorcycles. In addition to our own products we love to try the latest and greatest accessories floating around the motorcycle industry. Recently many new and exciting products have hit the market and of course we were the first to give them a go and have compiled our list of cool motorcycle gadgets. Read on to see the must have motorcycle gadgets to try today.

20S - The Sena 20S is the premier Bluetooth communicator for the powersports industry. We may be partial to this product, but it is the best of the best when it comes to communicating out on the road. The 20S is one of the best motorcycle gadgets allowing you to take and make phone calls, listen to music, hear GPS navigation, use voice commands, and so much more all through this compact device. The 20S was created by riders for riders and allows for simple functionality for a safe ride.


RC4 - The RC4 is the new and improved Handlebar Remote. Its predecessor had a slightly larger form factor and did not fit on all types of handlebars. The RC4 is much slimmer and will work on almost all bikes. Pair the RC4 with your Sena device and control the device from your fingertips. With the RC4, no longer will you have to raise your hand to the device to operate it.

RC4 Handlebar Remote

Tough Claw X-Grip Mount - We love a good mount to use in conjunction with our phones and GPS devices, and this one by RAM seems to do the trick. It fits on virtually any bike and is extremely sturdy. Securely fasten your phone or GPS unit in the mount and you’re ready to ride.

Tough Claw X-Grip Mount

Aqua Box - When on long rides, or extreme adventures it's always a good idea to prepare for the worst, in this case… rain. The aqua box keeps your phone or portable GPS navigation system protected from the elements. RAM has a great line of diverse gadgets for motorcycles.  

  Aqua Box Phone Case

Garmin Zumo - This device falls into the high tech motorcycle gear category and is certainly an investment, but will pay for itself time and time again due to the convenience. Although smartphones have the capability of GPS navigation many times you will ride in areas of limited service, or only have limited data usage on your cellular plan. The Garmin Zumo is the perfect size to mount to the handlebars of your bike. You can easily mount this device with the above mentioned mount by RAM.

Garmin Zumo GPS Navigation

Mosko Moto Bags - Next on our list of motorcycle gadgets and gizmos is something by one of our new favorite brands, Mosko. Their Moto Bags can handle just about anything. They have a large variety of bags suitable for anything from long distance adventure touring to your everyday commute to work. With removable internal dry bags, Mosko Moto Bags will have you prepared to the fullest for any ride.   

Mosko Moto Bag

Thanks for checking out our list of cool motorcycle stuff! We hope you enjoyed this read and will see you all in our next post. Check out more of Sena Bluetooth's product line here.