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March 17, 2017

Freewire: Bluetooth Radio Adapter for your Harley Davidson or Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle

For years, riders of Harley Davidson touring bikes and Honda Gold Wings have had to deal with messy wired connections from their helmets to their bike’s infotainment systems. Finally, Sena’s latest innovation will allow you to disconnect! The Sena Freewire adapter helps you cut the cord and enjoy your motorcycle's infotainment system in a new way. Get the details on Freewire here.
The Sena FreeWire was designed specifically Honda Gold Wing and many Harley touring bikes such as the Electra Glide. For those of you who prefer communicating with other riders through your bike’s built in CB radio, the FreeWire bluetooth adapter is the answer you’ve been looking for.  


The Joy of Going Wireless

Enjoy the full functionality of your bike’s infotainment system wirelessly. No longer will riders be forced to disconnect from their bike every time they make a stop. Getting on and off of your motorcycle becomes a lot easier when you’re no longer tethered to it by a cord. Bluetooth 4.1 allows for FreeWire to transmit the sound of the bike’s infotainment system or CB radio straight to the rider’s Sena headset.

FreeWire Installation

FreeWire comes with all of the necessary accessories to mount or store the device on the bike, wherever you prefer. The FreeWire, Harley Davidson Bluetooth adapter comes with a 7 pin DIN cable, and the FreeWire Bluetooth adapter for Honda Gold Wing comes with the 5 pin DIN cable for simple plug and play installation. Riders have the choice to leave the FreeWire on their bike permanently, or pop it on and off as needed due to the simplicity of the installation.

Staying Charged

You will never have to worry about the FreeWire running out of juice. The adapter comes with a jack type cigarette charger along with a USB charging cable so that it can be charged on any bike. FreeWire is one of the few motorcycle radio accessories that allows for simple charging while riding.

Utilizing GPS

We know your bike has an awesome GPS system built right into the infotainment system, but now you can hear directions straight from your bike’s system wirelessly! FreeWire bridges the gap between all of the functions your bike came with and your Sena headset.

Using your Sena FreeWire

With a little help from Sena, almost any Gold Wing or Harley touring bike can go wireless. Simply plug your FreeWire device into your bike and mount it onto the handlebars or store it somewhere on your bike. Put your Sena headset into phone pairing mode and pair FreeWire and your headset. Now you’re all set to ride wirelessly. Wireless capability has been a long time coming in the touring bike world, but now that’s it’s finally here, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Connecting Your Other Sena Devices

FreeWire is only compatible with Sena Bluetooth headsets from the 10 or 20 Series. FreeWire is also compatible with the cavalry Bluetooth Half-Helmet, and will be compatible with all future Sena devices to be released. The following Sena units are all compatible with the FreeWire Bluetooth adapter 20S, 10S, 10U, 10C, and the Cavalry Bluetooth half-helmet. The FreeWire Bluetooth adapter is available for both Harley Davidson and Honda Gold Wing motorcycles.

Sena products are designed by riders for riders. Learn more about our extensive product line here. Thanks for reading along, we hope to see you back for our next post!