Adventure Motorcycle Gear Guide

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Adventure Motorcycle Gear Guide

February 1, 2019

Adventure motorcycling can be a lot of fun, that is, if you have the right gear of course!

Indeed, adventure motorcycling requires you to gear up for whatever the open road and Mother Nature decide to throw your way; otherwise, your adventure may end up getting cut short.

Luckily for our readers, we’ve put together the best adventure motorcycle gear on the planet into one easy-to-read list so that you can get out onto the road as soon as possible!

Hi-Tech Gear

While it’s true that adventure motorcycling is literally about the “adventure”, equipping yourself with some reliable tech isn’t a bad idea.

And yes, we get it: getting lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere without GPS services or the ability to call for help might sound like fun to some of you fine people, but the reality is that, well, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, technology can also add a layer of comfort, convenience, and fun to any adventure motorcycle trip, so equipment like Bluetooth communicators, smart helmets, and action cameras shouldn’t be overlooked simply for the sake of having a “pure” adventure experience.

For specific high-tech adventure motorcycle equipment recommendations, check out the items below:

Smart Helmet

In terms of “Hi-Tech Gear” for adventure motorcycling, it really doesn’t get any better than Sena’s line of smart motorcycle helmets.

What’s the big deal?

Well, take the Sena Momentum INC for example: equipped with the world’s first Intelligent Noise-Control system (INC), this helmet provides riders with a hi-tech solution to both wind and road noise, creating an optimal riding environment.

Indeed, road noise, especially wind, can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. In fact, studies show that sustained exposure to freeway and wind noise above 100 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss, cardiovascular effects, tinnitus, fatigue, and decreased reaction times, making motorcycle riding intrinsically more dangerous than it already is.

In addition to the helmet’s INC capability, it also features something called Ambient Mode, which allows riders to manually adjust and boost the level of sound occurring outside the helmet. This means that riders can easily communicate with a nearby individual without having to remove their helmet!

And if HD video recording is something that interests you, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the Momentum Pro smart motorcycle helmet.

With its integrated QHD action camera capable of shooting 1440p video at 30fps or 1080p video at 60 fps, the Momentum Pro is definitely a top pick for adventure motorcyclists. After all, we literally can’t think of an easier or better way to capture all the fun and excitement of taking your motorcycle off the beaten trail.

To make things even more fun, the Momentum Pro is also equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can instantly preview and download footage on your smartphone.

Bluetooth Communicators

Bluetooth Communicators like the 20S EVO can make a world of difference for adventure motorcyclists.

Indeed, products like Sena’s 20S EVO can turn any motorcycle helmet into a “smart” helmet, allowing users to listen to music, receive turn-by-turn GPS navigation, and make or take phone calls. Additionally, the 20S EVO also contains Sena’s Advanced Noise Control technology that helps prevent wind noise from interfering with incoming or outgoing audio.

And if you’re the type of adventure motorcyclist that likes to travel in a group, the 20S EVO also comes with a Bluetooth intercom that allows you to communicate with up to 7 of your friends at distances up to 1.2 miles away.

Action Cameras

Our final hi-tech recommendation is Bluetooth action cameras, and as you can imagine, they’re pretty awesome!

Take, for instance, the Sena 10C Pro: this 2k motorcycle helmet camera shoots in crisp QHD (1440p/30fps or 1080p 30/60fps) with a resolution of 3.7 MP (16:9) and an increased 135-degree field of view.

Additionally, the Sena 10C Pro also features Sena’s Smart Audio Mix, which mixes audio from the intercom and the music playing on your smartphone straight into your video, helping users create fantastic, true-to-life videos that they can share with their family and friends.

And for the sake of convenience, the 10C Pro also features a built-in Bluetooth intercom capable of staying in touch with up to 3 other riders at distances of up to 1 mile away—so users don’t have to purchase both a Bluetooth communicator and an action camera to make their motorcycle helmet more “smart”.

Best Adventure Motorcycle Clothing

When going on a motorcycle adventure, it’s best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

Be it rain, snow, wind, or an abundance of sunshine, adventure motorcyclists must dress accordingly; otherwise, they run the risk of becoming too hot, too cold, or completely drenched!. Below are our top clothing picks for adventure motorcycling:


When it comes to important adventure motorcycle riding gear, the baselayer is one of the most critical elements that adventure motorcyclists need to concern themselves with.


Simply put, the baselayer is basically like a foundation of sorts, and a proper foundation will make it easier to regulate your body’s temperature and to wick moisture away from your skin.

Furthermore, baselayers are basically weather “agnostic”, meaning that most of them will work whether it’s hot or cold outside so long as it’s made out of decent materials like merino wool, spandex, or some other kind of synthetic material.

For specific base layer recommendations, please check out our top picks listed below:

Riding Suits

Because of the sometimes grueling nature of adventure motorcycling, many riders will choose to go with a full-fledged riding suit.

And that totally makes sense: riding suits offer motorcyclists supreme amounts of protection from abrasions and falls while helping to protect against the elements, making them ideal for motorcyclists who plan on racing up and down mountain roads.

For adventure motorcycling that is tamer (paved), a baselayer like the ones mentioned above combined with jeans and a motorcycle jacket will typically do the trick.

For specific riding suit recommendations, please check out the list below:

Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Taking care of your feet is one of the most important steps to motorcycling and especially adventure motorcycling where the terrain can be unpredictable, rough, and downright nasty.

Therefore, proper adventure motorcycle boots should not only provide protection from falls, but they should also be able to deal with trail debris, rocks, and everything else that is embedded in the ground and looking to ruin your day.

In addition to these features, adventure motorcycle boots should also be waterproof, because you never know when the weather will turn or when you might find yourself in terrain that is muddied or full of puddles.

Finally, adventure motorcycle boots should also be comfortable (obviously), because let’s face it, no matter how adventurous you might be feeling, being uncomfortable is simply no fun at all.

Below are our top picks for adventure motorcycle boots:

Adventure Gloves

Finally, no adventure motorcycle gear list would be complete without a few glove recommendations.

Much like adventure motorcycle boots, adventure motorcycle gloves protect the rider’s hands from crashes, falls, and adverse weather conditions like rain or snow.

Additionally, adventure motorcycle gloves should be “grippy” and help riders maintain control of their vehicle, which is especially important when we consider that the rider’s gloves might be covered in mud, dirt, water, and everything else in between.

Below are our top picks for adventure motorcycle gloves:

Adventure Motorcycle Accessories

Finally, there are some additional items that adventure motorcyclists should consider bringing along with them, like hydration packs, luggage, and some additional protection for their bike.

While these items aren’t necessary for many riders (especially those who plan on towing their dirt bike), they are still extremely useful to have in one’s toolkit, especially if adventure motorcycling is something that is going to evolve into a consistent hobby.

Hydration Pack

Drinking water while out and about on a motorcycle can be a bit of a hassle. After all, grabbing a drink usually means coming to a complete stop, which really isn’t much fun at all when you’re trying to have an adventure!

The best advice here is to simply invest in a hydration pack, as this will make it easy to sip water whenever you’re feeling thirsty.

One thing that we feel it’s important to note is that riders should be careful of drinking too much water before a ride, as having a belly full of water can lead to cramping.


For those motorcyclists who will be splitting their time between adventuring and touring, proper motorcycle luggage is an absolute necessity.

After all, while you can certainly use a bungee or cable ties to secure your items to the back of your bike, these storage solutions don’t hold up well during adverse weather conditions like rain or snow, and they certainly don’t hold up well when you’re racing along bumpy dirt roads.

Indeed, the only way to be sure that your stuff survives the trip is with a hard or soft case luggage solution.

Thankfully, there are countless motorcycle luggage options for motorcycle adventurers of all types, and below are some of our favorites:

Motorcycle Armor

As a final gear recommendation, adventure motorcyclists who will be exploring dirt roads are definitely going to want to invest into a skid plate of some sort, as loose rocks or gravel are more than capable of damaging your engine’s crankcase.

For complete bike protection, we definitely recommend ACD Racing Parts, as their line of products hits that sweet spot between value and performance.

Explore the Open Road with Sena!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this adventurer motorcycle gear list, and for more great motorcycle product recommendations, we definitely recommend checking out our Blog and our line of advanced Bluetooth motorcycle accessories.

Sena has been the industry leader in all things motorcycle Bluetooth for a number of years now, and we pride ourselves in our ability to create new technologically advanced solutions to things like road and wind noise, Bluetooth communication, action cameras, and so much more!