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October 1, 2019

Welcome to a new blogging experience with Sena! Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a slight uptick on the frequency of blog posts being made. I’m responsible for that, and hopefully you’ve taken the time to read some of them. If not, there's always time to read up on them, whether you want to catch up on Sturgis or the latest episode in our Ride Connected stories.

Today, I'm here to introduce you to some new changes incoming for Sena's blog posts. While I'll still be posting about our typical fare, I want to expand into other avenues that I hope will assist and inform you, all while giving you a bit of insight into Sena's operations. So, let's start off with some introductions!

So Who Am I?

By now, you're curious about the new voice behind the blogs. I’ve been with Sena for a little while now, learning about the products we’ve offered and what we have coming up in the pipeline (sorry, no spoilers here!). I've bought into the concept of having riders connected as it helps awareness when riding in a group and you can listen in to your music or phone calls without having to pull over.

I’ve been riding since I was 21 and was enticed by Harley-Davidson style bikes: a comfortable, laid-back approach on two wheels. My first bike was a used ’02 Sportster-883, which had low mileage and and was barely used due to an unfortunate incident to the original rider. It turned out to be a nice starter bike that the previous owner started customizing, having saddle bags, upgraded rims, and a custom-painted tank (black with purple flames). With only 1,000 miles on it when I purchased it, I made the most of it, riding that bike for a good seven years before it was time to let go. Maintenance was getting a little out of hand and if I'm being frank, it felt I was too big for the bike.

Some say that buying used means the bike doesn't really belong to you, especially if you didn’t make any customizations. For the next year or so, I returned to driving a car, but the itch to ride on two wheels never left. So, some hard-earned money was saved and I went back to my local Harley and purchased a ’17 Dyna Street Bob, a stock model and the last one on the floor. I’ve been riding it for 2 years now and enjoy the calmer yet still audible sound of the engine, the comfortable seating, and the general relaxed vibe it gives. I may even get around to customizing the bike soon; just not sure what yet. What matters most to me is that it is my investment from the start and I can do whatever I want with it!

(Image of the bike)

I also consider myself somewhat of a tech guy. Aside from being a gamer, I do photography on the side and have an interest in video editing and recording. So, with a GoPro HERO 5 attached to my helmet, I enjoy recording trips (and having some extra insurance against other drivers on the road), reviewing video for anything I remembered seeing, and creating a highlight out of the footage.

Now working with Sena, I’ve had access to tech I’ve wanted on my motorcycle rides. I’ve gotten my own 30K and use it on a daily basis to keep in touch with family on phone calls or simply listen to my music; finally on parity with whenever I have to drive a car! I’ve also been afforded the opportunity to test out some of the upcoming gear, and on that note, let’s jump into how I want to change things up.

The New Blog Way

As I just stated, I’ve had the opportunity to try out some of the new items that Sena’s planning to release. With that in mind, I would like to share information on these things. Not total spoilers, mind you—I already stated that I won’t be spilling everything! Instead, I want to make a blog that speaks to you. To do that, I want to focus on rich, creative content that makes you consider Sena’s reasoning while also having a personalized view of a user’s thoughts.

Not all of the content will be about our product hype. Again, I want to make these blog posts informative. For some insight, here are some of the themes I would share with you:


We’re all adventure seekers, whether riding the open roads with a motor underneath or the expansive dirt trails of the wilderness. This theme is designed to share some of the unique experiences that certain routes and trails offer.

Tips & Tricks

There are some instances where customers have inquired about a feature or are unsure how to operate it. With this series, I will be exploring and explaining how such topics work.


Any time Sena attends an event, you can count on a recap informing you of the happenings. Even if it turns out that our presence will be minimal at the place, if it brings together a group that shares similar passions in the Powersports, Cycling, or Outdoor movement, I'll take the time to write about it.


Sena collaborates with influencers and people who have used our products for a long time. We sometime invite them over for an interview on how they stay connected on the road, which led to the creation of our Ride Connected series on YouTube. I do want to take this concept a little further and share a preview of the office life as well. To that end, a blog post summarizing the events of the month will be published on the last day of said month. You'll get a better sense of the people striving to make Sena a 


With the announcement or release of new products, I want to give readers a preview of what's to come, from first look at prototype models to new features the item may have. You can expect some little tidbits that are sure to excite you!

So What’s the Goal?

I’ve already gone a bit into this, but let me reiterateL I’m aiming to write pieces that relate to you. Let me preface by saying that not every topic is going to apply to every reader who sees the posted blog. However, I would hope that you come away with a little bit of new knowledge or some entertainment from the post. I also want to give you a little insight into Sena.

Don’t Forget: #RideConnected

I hope that after this post, you have a good understanding of what's in store for the community. Sena reaches out through the community through events and social media. But with this platform, I hope to give you an in-depth look at the workings that have driven our passion to be the best motorcycle intercom and bike communication system provider