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Greater Cologne, Germany

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"Push yourself to the limit. Get out of the comfort zone and into adventure."


The two filmmakers Canan & Stefan are not only professionally a real dream team. They are even a couple privately. Fascinated by living and working on and with motorcycles, they explore large parts of the world together. The job in front of and behind the camera for different projects have been carried out by both all over Europe; from time to time, there are varied excursions to Southeast Asia, the USA or even Africa.
While Canan prefers to take the Jeep to the most remote locations, Stefan is happy about every opportunity to take the mud under his wheels. In addition to storage media, cameras and tons of accessories, the products from SENA are always included. Whether a 30K on a helmet, 10C EVO, or even equipped in the Jeep with the SPH10, the two are always connected. Even special solutions such as the combination of Bluetooth and radio with the SENA SR10 are used again and again.

With Canan and Stefan as the film team for the Adventure Country Tracks, they have spent several weeks on the dustiest slopes in Portugal, the highest mountains in Greece, the rainy forests of Romania, and in the wonderful landscapes of Tuscany. As stated by the duo, “In the meantime, SENA communication systems have already become the standard for our work. When we arrive somewhere in another country and want to connect with drivers there, we very often see that SENA devices are also used there. Pairing mode switched on, a push of a button and off you go."


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