Adventure seekers


Jack and Eli are junior road cyclists in SoCal and love to ride their bikes wherever they can! Jack is 14 and Eli is 12 years old. In 2021 they became the California State Champions for their age categories in both road and criterium racing. Covid provided a lot of free time and that is when the cycling journey began. Their dad rode bikes and started taking them on his recovery rides and that led to a quick progression into much longer adventures. Soon after they started an Instagram account and YouTube channel called Bros Ride Bikes when they got a GoPro for Christmas. They now have over 1.7k youtube subscribers and 2.7k Instagram followers and are building their audience and connecting with some amazing cyclists from all over the country. 
Jack and Eli are currently cat 4 racers and are trying to move up through the categories. They want to see more juniors get into the amazing sport of cycling through their platforms. The Bros love to use the Sena R2 Evo helmet to communicate in races and on fun group adventures.  The helmets are also great for being motivated listening to upbeat music, while also being able to hear what is going on around them.  When they are not on the bike, the Bros love to spend time with friends, hanging out at the beach and playing with their beloved English Labrador Marty! Sena has been a huge part of the boys journey and they love to #rideconnected.

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