But Make Sure to Submit Your Rebate Request Form!

Proven by 140 ADV riders from across the globe to deliver unimaginable connectivity, unprecedented intercom audio quality, and ‘it-just-works’ ease of use, the Sena 50 Series has proven its moniker of Robust Reliability. Though the deadline has passed, we urge customers who purchased a 50R or 50S from BuySena.com through June 30th to submit a Rebate Request form. 30K owners can claim a $150 rebate while 20S and 20S EVO devices qualify for $135 rebates!





Purchase a 50R and/or 50S product on BuySena.com 

  • Add a 50R and/or 50S single unit (50R-01 or 50S-01) to the cart.
  • Complete the purchase by finishing all steps of the check out process (receive an order confirmation with order number).


Submit Your Trade-Up Rebate Request Form

  • Fill out the rebate request form by providing all the required information and submit within 30 days from the purchase date.
  • When all required information is complete and you read and agree to the terms and conditions of the program, check the ‘I Agree’ box and submit the form. You’ll then receive an email confirmation, including the pre-paid return label for the 20S / 20S EVO / 30K to be shipped to Sena.


Pack and Ship Your 20S / 20S EVO / 30K to Us

  • Pack and send your 20S / 20S EVO / 30K to Sena. If you purchased more than one 50R and/or 50S, you must send in one 20S / 20S EVO / 30K for every rebate you wish to claim. 
  • Please make sure the pre-paid return label is attached to the outside of the box.

Sena Initiates the Rebate

  • Upon receipt and verification of the 20S / 20S EVO / 30K being a genuine Sena product, Sena will initiate a refund of the full rebate amount ($135 for 20S / 20S EVO; $150 for 30K) to the form of payment used to purchase the qualified 50R and/or 50S product (50R-01 or 50S-01 only).
  • Upon completion of the refund of your rebate, you will receive an email notification.


Questions About the Trade-Up Rebate Program

  • For more information about the Trade-Up Rebate Program, including the status of your Trade-Up rebate request form, please direct inquiries to rebate@sena.com.


How much is my unit worth?

Every one (1) Sena 30K unit will qualify for a $150 rebate and every one (1) Sena 20S and/or 20S EVO unit will qualify for a $135 rebate, with one (1) 50S-01 or 50R-01 purchase.

Can I buy a 50 Series dual pack and trade in my 30K, 20S, or 20S EVO dual pack?

No. Only 50 Series single pack purchases are eligible for this trade up program. If you’d like to trade in your 30K, 20S and/or 20S EVO dual pack, you’ll need to buy two single unit 50 Series units (i.e. 50S-01 or 50R-01).

What information do I need to provide you with to participate in the Trade Up program?

You will need to provide us with your full name, email address, phone number, and buysena.com order number.

Is there any limit on when I bought my 30K, 20S, or 20S EVO unit?

Any 30K, 20S and/or 20S EVO units, regardless of time of purchase or channel purchased through, will qualify for the rebate as long as you purchased the 50S-01 or 50R-01 on buysena.com and submitted the rebate request form within 30 Days of the purchase of your 50 series unit.

Do I have to include accessories like clamp kits, speakers, chargers or cables when sending in my 30K, 20S, or 20S EVO unit?

No, you don’t have to. Please send in only the main unit.

Is this a limited-time promotion?

Yes. This promotion is limited to 50 Series units (50S-01 and/or 50R-01) purchased by June 30th. All 50S/50R rebate request forms have to be submitted within 30 days of the date of purchase (no later than July 30th).

Can I participate in the Trade Up program by sending in other Sena products (i.e. SMH10, SMH5, 10C, etc.)?

No, not at this time. Sena products that currently qualify for the Trade-Up program are the 20S, 20S EVO, and 30K.

How long after I submit the rebate form will I get my rebate?

All submitted and verified rebate forms will typically get their refund within 10-20 business days.

I’m from outside the United States. Do I still qualify for the rebate?

The Trade-Up program is available for U.S. customers in the contiguous 48 United States and D.C. only.

How will I get notified that my rebate was approved?

When we receive your unit(s) back at Sena, we’ll process your rebate request refund, and you will get an email confirmation that your rebate has been initiated.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the rebate form or the process?

For any questions regarding this program please contact rebate@sena.com.

Can I return my 50 Series unit after I receive the refund from the Sena 50 Series trade-up rebate program?

No. As per the terms and conditions that you’ll sign during the rebate request process, you will not be able to return your 50 Series unit for a refund. However, if your unit is or becomes defective during the warranty period, we’ll be more than happy to repair it or exchange it for a new unit.

What if 50R and/or 50S is “Out of Stock” on BuySena.com?

We want to make sure everyone can benefit from this SENA Trade-Up program. Even if the unit is “Out of Stock”, due to the high demand for these new models, please complete your purchase on BuySena.com on or before June 30th AND  submit your rebate form with your purchase order number within 30 days of your BuySena.com transaction. Once inventory becomes available again, your order will be fulfilled and your Trade-Up rebate will be processed and refunded to the original form of payment.


The Mesh 2.0 firmware update is available globally for all SENA 30K, Momentum EVO, and +Mesh products! Level-up your first-gen SENA Mesh Intercom products to become compatible with the new 50R and 50S, and enjoy the significant technical advancements and Robust Reliability of Mesh 2.0! And check out the NEW 30K Updater for the easiest way to update your 30K to Mesh 2.0.