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Sena offers sponsorship opportunities for qualified riders who are in constant pursuit of finding the next big challenge. Sena takes pride in representing motorcycle and outdoor enthusiasts who share a passion for adventure.

If you are currently seeking sponsorship from Sena please complete the below fields for a complete review. If you are eligible for a sponsorship opportunity then we will get back to you.

  • The information completed in this form will be treated confidentially. The information provided is solely for the decision as to whether a candidate is qualified for cooperation to take place.
  • The decision for/against cooperation does not constitute a substantive review of the project, but project terms must be placed in a factual context so that it be communicated to Sena and the available resources.
  • Sena and sponsorship recipients agree to business cooperation including but not limited to media partnerships, social sharing, etc. The contents of which are held by contract if the terms outlined in the sponsorship agreement are met. Sponsorships do not include travel funding.

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